Thursday, October 1, 2009

Gingersnap cupcakes and Paula Dean!

Yeah I know these look so yummy and they are! My sister Holly is the brilliant mind behind them! She is the Paula Dean of our family and when she bakes or cooks no one wants to be left behind! So, when we have a sisters kids beg to come and when I say no they always say "will you bring me something back!" LOL Of course Holly has many talents and we love them all! She has been creating custom cupcakes for awhile and I just wish she would get discovered! The cupcakes above are called Gingersnap and they are better than anything I have ever tried before..Full of nutmeg and nutmeg! I wish I could describe them to ya! Anyhoo, stop by her blog and see some of the other stuff she cooks up! I'm not kidding she IS the next Paula Dean!
Speaking of which, have you seen Miss Paula Deans candles from Walmart? This one is called Pumpkin Roll smells just like it sounds!


And inside is the recipe! Now, is that not the coolest thing ever? I only have this to sisters first name is Holly and her Last name is Candle( for security reasons I have misspelled her last name) lie! that's really her last name! hmmm.....makes ya think...LOL thanks for stopping by! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie


A.Love said...

Oh man! Paula Dean candles!?! Time to make the trek through walmart!!
Oh, AND a recipe!

~ RM said...

I know, right? This is no lie- These candles smell so real, you will be convinced you 'cheated' on your diet, without eating anything! And those cupcakes look so good. I am clicking on her link now.... :P

common ground said...

Do you know how dangerous it is to be looking at those cupcakes and thinking about pumpkin roll cake at 10:15 pm. Sounds super yummy! You're the second person today that's talked about these Paula Deen candles, so I guess I'll have to go track some of them down!Have a great weekend!

Transparent Mama said...

Those look divine. I love how she did the frosting.

Out in the Fields said...

Glad you're up and running again! I missed your blog.

Holly said...

I love that she put a recipe on the candle!! lol Gotta love Paula:)

Anonymous said...

Oh heck.. and the first thing I thought of was when Paula had her Holiday special on Food TV many moons back and while vacationing in the Ashville area here, hubby turned on the channel. Paula pops up.. offering a cup of eggnog with whisky and then takes a sip.. pulls back and says.. 'see I was fixen to get an eggnog mustache'.

That was the first and the last time hubs ever saw Paula Deen again. heehee.

Oh do enjoy those cupcakes and I bet she has dark molasse in there that makes it taste extra special this time of year!


Mary said...

Yum, yum!! Will have to make some. I have that cupcake holder too! :)

And definitely will have to make a trip to Walmart!! I love scented candles burning in this ole house.

BECKY said...

Hi Steph! You are just too cute gal! And so are these cupcakes!!
I am burning a Kirkland's candle right now and LOVE it! It's called Pumpkin Cookies! We are all on the wonderful fallness of it all, huh?

I so appreciated your comment on my friendship post! You have a sweet heart! You can email me any time at

So glad we've met!!
Blessings and hugs,

~~Deby said...

oh these look yummmmo----
and I am going to have a great time visiting your blog this am....
looks like we have some things in common...
Washington State

Cherry's Jubilee said...

I do have some Paula dean candles..from maxx also has them..I have peppemint paddy? LIke them. cherry

Ann said...

Those cupcakes look seriously good and I will be trying them our very soon, once I have moved house. I am visiting the states in a couple of weeks to see my son and Walmart is always on my list. Will be bring home some of those candles. thanks for sharing.