Saturday, October 31, 2009

Little Hudson brings treats!

Look what our little nephew Hudson brought his cousins today...A treat for each of them! How sweet is that! Thanks Lisa and Danny! It's so nice of you! It really started our night off as we headed to Holly's
What a little cutie! Love ya Sweetie! Auntie Stephanie

The Winner is....

The winner of the Whispering Creek House Giveaway is Thena
Congrats to you Thena! Please contact me with your mailing address and I will send you your beautiful votives next week! Thank you all for your sweet comments and for becoming followers! Love ya ! mean it! Stephanie!

Friday, October 30, 2009

Amy Butler fabrics and Visiting Aunt Tam's

Hello there! I am so excited to tell you about this great gal Tamey who owns Aunt Tam's in Battle Ground WA....
Her store features fabric, novelties and anything for sewing....I walked in the door and was greeted by her sweet smile and cheery Hello! From her and her sweet daughter! My mom in law Judy introduced us and I pretty much stood there overwhelmed by the great stuff all around me! It was so amazing..So let me take you for a tour!

Great buttons were lined up in a row to buy..for say pillows, outfits, purses. gloves....

Trims galore..... I love her pretty organization of all these treasures!

Look at all the great buttons every shape and color!

So sweet pantaloons! gulp! I'm in love!!!!!........

The really beautiful thing about Tams is that she makes up these great kits with all the materials so you can just buy it and take it home and make it! Like this dress below.....

Just grab a kit .....

See? Isn't it great? Look at the cuties on the package..her grandbabies!
She has great samples of outfits throughout the give you ideas you can do...She made this skirt and it!

And she has made little areas with themes that you can roam around in like this beautiful bedroom which is so soft and lovely..the bedding is for sale because they are changing things around...
My mom in law Judy has sewn so many of the things in Tam's this roll up sleeping bag for a toddler girl..I felt like wrestling this one out of her hands when she showed it to me...

And this little cowboy nook! It is so sweet..Tam lets the kids come in and hang out on it so mom can shop! From what I hear... they love it!

These are curtains below.. look at the detail oh I love them!

They are hanging in the baby nook..the fabrics are so amazing! Not your pink and blue! So colorful! I wish I would have had such great fabrics when I had my babies!

Form blankets to sweet little things like this below...I will take a bouquet!

I love this ottoman! So childproof! LOL The kids love it I am sure!

I wanted you to see the great fabrics that Aunt Tam's carries...Amy Butler and others..

You all know Judy had made me a great purse for my birthday..Check out the bags she did for Tam! Here is another one of the kits Tam does..Purses!
Love them!!!! Would you not love one of these!!!

Amy Butler patterns and fabrics....ahhhhh!

I love this too..a dress form with an apron that makes me feel so like baking and cooking! And that's a good thing!

Aunt Tams has coffee going all day and your welcome to it! Here is a glimpse into her kitchen nook with more patterns and fabrics!
The decor is just so cute! Take a look around....

Yeah ....I know is so cool!

Look at these adorable coasters! The are so very vintage!!

This apron is for mommy's little helper! My Ella would love it!

Tam really paid great attention to detail.. and the great things in her shop shows it!

Quilts were everywhere...Each one as beautiful as the next...such talent!

And the umbrella in the window a sweet touch.....

Aunt Tams is a place you will browse around and around in..I didn't want to leave! You can visit her on line also at And order from her there if you can't make it to little old Battle Ground WA...

My mom in law Judy ..She is so talented and beautiful! And Tam you are too! I enjoyed my visit and look forward to coming back in! Next time I hope I won't be in such a daze! But you have the most beautiful store! Thanks to you! And thank you for stopping by! Love ya! mean it! Stephanie

PS >>>>Dont Forget the Give Away! SCROLL TO NEXT POST for that!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Giveaway! Giveaway!

They say the best gift is one you give I thought it was high time to do just that! My first giveaway! Fun right?? I found this... for one lucky winner! Four fall/winter votive candle holders with candles...I love these...they are so beautiful in real life!
All you have to do is leave a comment and become a follower! Weather you follow me already or are a new follower please let me know in your comment! This give away is open til Friday October 30th...I will post the winner on Saturday! Will you share this giveaway on your blog? I think it would be so nice to share.... I'm so excited for everyone! I hope you all have a great time! Thanks for stopping by! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Special message...

Can you make mine like this? love ya! Stephanie

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvest Party Decor!

Well, the Harvest party has come and gone at The Whispering Creek House...we made some great memories once again this year...The photo above is the make shift kitchen in the barn..

and by adding a little corn stalk, some gourds and pumpkins..we made it a homey little kitchen! We had so many great soups and breads! All kept hot by our crockpots...

Even a coffee, apple cider and hot cocoa bar.. which was in constant use after it finally got set year the area will need a little supervision as a little birdie said the little kids were drinking the creamer straight

I even used my hammered pumpkins in a corner that needed to be warmed up....

Mumbles, the cat even got into the swing of things and granted his presence throughout the time we spent together! Scroll down to my many posts of The Harvest Party '09