Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am finding that tea is a new thing that I enjoy.. A hot steamy cup can really help with my stress and give me a breather....Trying to replace bad habits with new ones ..I am a little more adventurous and will try different kinds of tea but my favorite is hubby just brought home a carmel truffle tea the other night..tried it... but it seems very wrong to give a tea a name such as carmel that sound more like coffee..I gave it a whirl and have decided that it is a dessert tea..with no calories ..which if I am right is probably better for me..hehee. Ever wondered how to make a great cup? I have and I found these instructions..hope it helps you as it has me!

How To Prepare A Proper Pot of Tea
There are many versions of how to brew tea.
Here is the abbreviated Sims version:1. Boil a kettle of freshly drawn water. (My favorite kettles are electric—the Bodum Curl) which perfectly boil water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically turns off.
2. Pour some of the boiling hot water into your pot and cup— swirl it around and pour out through the top or spout, to warm them both up.
3. Measure the tea using 1 teaspoon per person plus one teaspoon for the pot. You may put the tea directly into the pot or use an infuser, which of course we prefer with our Chatsford teapots. (Small versus heaping teaspoons may depend on how large a leaf the tea is as well as your personal taste. I agree with Malachi Mccormick that the teaspoon for the pot may make the brew too strong.)
4. Add rapidly boiling water (less than boiling for green tea) to the pot. Cover the pot and steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on how strong you like it and what kind of tea it is. Set the digital timer. (The moment the boiling water touches the tea has been called "the agony of the leaves." During the infusion, two things occur—the flavor of the leaves comes out, and the tannin is released. A certain amount of tannin adds to the flavor, but too much makes the tea bitter.)
5. When the brewing time is up, remove the infuser and pour into cups using a strainer if necessary. If there is tea left in the teapot, cover with your tea cozy to keep it hot for the next cup. For serving a large group of people, you may keep pouring boiling water into the pot several times over the infused leaes.(After the first pot, your tea is decaffeinated). Then begin again with fresh leaves. (The used tea leaves are great to feed to your geraniums!) The key to good black tea is the boiling water. Enjoy!
Preventing Thermal Shock
Occasionally when brewing tea, especially in a new teapot, "thermal shock" can occur. This is when the teapot or cup cracks because it is heated up too quickly from cold to hot. This has never happened to me personally, but there is no way of knowing if it will happen. Some precautions to take to prevent this are:
1. Heat the teapot with very hot water, but not boiling water before brewing your tea with boiling water.
2. Insert a silver teaspoon in the teapot while pouring the boiling water into the pot. The spoon will absorb the heat before it gets to the teapot.

How To Repair Cracked China
When you find a crack in your china, you can mend it with milk. Immerse your cup or dish in a pan with milk to cover. Simmer gently for 45 minutes. Let cool and remove the cup or dish and wash and dry. The protein in the milk is what miraculously repairs the china.
Another helpful thing to do when purchasing antique teapots or cups is to ask the vendor if you can fill it with water before you purchase it. Sometimes you can discover fine cracks this way. this came from the professionals at the Tea Embassy
Hope you have a great relaxing Monday.. my dear friends! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

small and pleasing...

I am dreaming of spring ... I really think we (the kids and I) might do a garden..not sure..maybe hope is a better word to use..just in case.

I love, love, love ..did I say love, love, love this garden shed? mmHmm. It is so quaint and dreamy ..right?...I would love giggle to have one just like this.

So, my question today is..are you doing a garden and how do you plan for one and what do you plant?

This is our first "hopeful" garden at The Whispering Creek House and I would love oops! any and all advice to begin this little venture. Oh, and it's just gonna be me and the kids on this it has to be easy peasy...small and pleasing..Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Blogging friends ...

These are for you! My lovely blogging friends... for the sweet get well wishes! Your so encouraging to me and I think you are all such nice people! Blogging has been so great because of you and if I could.... I would hand deliver a bouquet to each and everyone of you! I so enjoy the posts where you share with me what you do on Mondays and on your weekends..its so personal and I feel like your right here sharing a cup of coffee with me! And you know how Mondays can be ..but after I hear about what you gals get done in a day... I am inspired by you! Thanks for that! I am feeling better and am ready to tackle a few projects..I have lamps to do and painting projects, a chair project..yikes! Better just take it slow..thank you again for your sweetness and thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Monday! What a weekend! All the plans I had... never got done ....because I got sick! Feeling a little shaky today but a little better...looking for the sun because I'm planning to sit in it and soak up some C. hope you had a great weekend..will you share with me what you got done?....would love to hear about you today...thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Friday, February 19, 2010

letting winter out...

Today, I'm letting it all hang out..the window, that is...its spring weather here and its a great day to throw open the windows and let winter out! It is a quite a feeling having the sun shining and it will feel even better having the fresh smell of spring flowing into our home..have you been doing spring cleaning or are you holding off? I love getting the windows cleaned and the porch swept off and getting it ready to use again..planting flowers and all that comes with spring...what are some of the things on your list for spring? Cant wait to hear from you! its so inspiring! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

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Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Artful blogging..

I ran out and grabbed the latest Artful Blogging magazine because I heard my friend Karen had a post that was used under the Buzz section ...she happen to mention my blog in the post and I got a little mention in there too...just a mention..but it was still fun to see..I thought it only right to snaps some pictures of my "fame" as we are to document anything and everything that is grabbed the latest of another of my favorites.. Somerset is easy to think your creative 'til you see these talented women...thank you all for sharing your talents with the world..its a much prettier place with all of you inspiring the rest of us!

A "great day" wish to everyone today...we each have something inspiring to your best and thanks for stopping by! love ya! mean it! Stephanie

First. I want to point out that the sun is shining.. Yes it is! And that...
...... Its so bright .. I don't even care that my picture looks strange and unusual...

'Cuz I got this great chair for 9 dollars at the Goodwill...its getting a makeover...I will show it to you at a later date... Hope you have a great Wednesday! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Monday, February 15, 2010

to and fro....

Ever feel like your living in your car? I do....I have been picking kids up ...dropping kids off..running to and fro..and Im not getting any of my projects done..isnt that just how it goes... well, tomorrow is a new day...and I have run outta I need to get a break or order drapes for the van soon...I know just the ones...thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

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Friday, February 12, 2010

Let him kiss me...

And our final love language..physical touch. The other day I was having the worst day..I text my husband and said "I need you to come home and hold me"..his reply.."I'm on my way" to my ears!

I knew he was on his way home.. so that was a comfort already..but what I want you to know here is that I asked for what I many times my friends share with me they are to afraid to ask for what they need when it comes to physical touch..don't be..its the one love language guys really want to understand..even though they instantly think yes! we need to teach them by telling them "I want to be held"...."I' d like to hold hands"..."I only need a foot rub"..our job is to be kind and gentle here.. men can get the feeling of rejecting very easily be sweet and explain what it is you really are tends to go better and if something comes of it well.....hey.

The love language of physical touch is a God given gift! Society has made it rude and crass...but it wasn't meant to be that is made to express love to one another equally! Giving and receiving not taking and is to be gentle, kind, patient.. thinking of the other above self...beautiful..I hope you enjoy this is is love...The song of Solomon is the best example of physical touch that you can read! It is so romantic and passionate and its in the Bible ladies! It's theme is the warm human emotion of love and devotion.."Let him kiss me with the kisses of his mouth! For your love is better than wine"...(chapter1 verse 1) "My beloved speaks and says to me Rise up, my love, my fair one and come away"...(ch2 v 10) doesn't it sound so loving and passionate at the same time?

Take the time... use your words...clear your mind and devote yourself to this love honest and don't have to have a size 2 body to enjoy this don't have to conform to what the world tells you about this language.. you don't have to do things that are uncomfortable to express yourself because its an equal can discover yourself in this language and actually love it...

I hope you have enjoyed the love language series..I wish you a great Valentine's weekend...filled with love and wonder... thank you for you ideas and thoughts..your funny sad proclamations of your love to your husbands and family members..may you all be blessed! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Oh, you never looked so good!

Love language...acts of service..Now I don't know about you but when my husband does this love language..oooolalaaaa! He never looks better than when he washes windows for me, paints rooms for me, builds me something or goes to the dreaded Costco for me! All with a smile! and that is the key of acts of service...having a positive attitude when serving the one you love..I know this is Danny's love language and so I do my best....need practice about a good attitude because I don't always have a good one..mainly because I pick up all day after a 5 year old and teenagers and feel pretty used up (to keep up) a good attitude..but when I know there are specific things he likes.. I do those..he loves it when I lay out a towel for him or bring him a cup of coffee, make his dinner plate up and bring it to him .. it makes me happy too..just easy little things that are done in love.
Is this your love language? What is you favorite act of love you have done for you loved one? How about your favorite they have done for you?
Tomorrow is our last love language...physical touch..see you then! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Thursday, February 11, 2010

A gift of love and an easy craft!

My girls made these for their easy! Just some paper mache' heart boxes painted hot pink.. some chalkboard paint for the top..pretty ribbon strung through a hole drilled in the top..a pink bead tied to the ribbon inside to secure it and a piece of chalk tied to the end of the ribbon which can be stored inside when not in use...fill it with candy and you have a gift of love...which bring us to the next love language..receiving gifts...
Receiving gifts is another of my favorites..Danny picked up on this right away in our marriage and he LOVES to give me very favorite besides my kids giggle is the trip to Maui for our ten year anniversary! oh it was the best time of my life!
Anyway, gifting is a symbolic way we show our love for the other..if this is your love language you will agree I'm sure! If its your spouses then What are some of the best gifts you have given your loved one?
Please tell us! Getting ideas for the man in my life is really hard sometimes because this isn't really his thing..he actually tells me not to get him gifts! What? Either I'm really bad at this and he figures he's doing himself a favor or he simply isn't interested! lol I would love ideas from you will you give me your best ideas? Jen, I'm not buying Danny a donkey! giggle
What is the best gift you ever received from your loved one?

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maintaining eye contact..

Love Language: quality time.... where to find it: I don't know....oh! the hardest of all for me and my love is to find time to be together! Do you struggle with this too? I feel sometimes like I'm dating my husband long distance again! Which can actually be kinda fun..we usually get a couple minutes in the morning and then around mid morning he calls and we have "coffee" together over the phone and then he calls again in the afternoon to ask if I need anything from town( what a sweetie right?) this is our "quality" time.. I guess according to the Love Language book there are a few guidelines to time together...

Love language guidelines to quality time:
  • Maintain eye contact...this keeps our minds from wandering off yonder..
  • Don't listen to your spouse and do something at the same time..oh oops!
  • Listen for feelings.. this will clue you in to what your spouse is REALLY saying
  • Check out his bod...not like that! I mean his body language! A body speaks one way when the words say different!
  • Don't interrupt. it's rude.

ok..soooo, I could use a little practice in some areas.. this a good reminder to me.. did you find yourself here too? Needing a little practice? Don't be shy..I don't wanna be the only one! I want to get down to ideas of HOW to get that quality time I dream of...So its your turn:

How do you get quality time together?

Can not wait to hear how you do this...and just remember..this is for fun not to burden anyone! We all need a gentle tap in these one is perfect...refining our love languages during this season can be a great time to focus love to you all! I gotta get busy maintaining eye contact! hehee

Thanks for stopping by love ya! mean it! Stephanie

Monday, February 8, 2010

Words of Affirmation...

I love... is here! Just a disclaimer before I start...I'm just a person talking about love. That is all..I am not a love doctor or anything..just sharing my thoughts and ideas on the subject...and looking forward to your thoughts and ideas on the subject..there. That's outta the way...I have felt a little pressure since announcing this weeks topic so I felt it only natural to ask for some grace and affirmation from you all that you will love me when its over! giggle

Which brings me to the first love language that comes from the book "Love Languages" by Gary Chapman: Words of affirmation.

I'm jumping in as you can see... because this is ONE of my love languages.... that's right I said one...I'm a woman.. I have needs! giggle

Mark Twain said,"I can live for two months on a good compliment"..and I agree! The power of a word (or two) is amazing to me! To be appreciated by the one you love is so wonderful because first, it is simple and second ,it gets to the point..I am in love with you!

But alas, its not always the easiest thing to do at times for the one we love...especially when we feel isolated, lonely or not I find that when I feel a little down.. I ask for what I heard me..I ask..for what ..I need..This did not always come natural to me! Just saying..and maybe its not natural for you either..but how else is our guy to know? We want to believe he can read our mind or tell by the slamming of cupboard doors that I'm feeling unloved..but all that does is create a place for performance..he is thinking ok do I make this get over fast? Do you get my meaning? Then, we are like..he's just saying what I want to hear to make it all better fast! So we are not getting to the heart of the matter we are just jumping to the final result without the journey and neither is getting what is truly needed..that emotional connection.

Did you know that encourage means "to inspire courage?" Maybe your afraid to ask for what you need because you feel insecure about how your loved one will take encouraged! They want relationship too! It is hard for some guys to give words of affirmation..but that doesn't mean we should not ask for it.My guy does alot of acts of service ..that is one of the ways he shows me how he loves me. I love that..but what do you do when the love language you desire is the one that is the hardest for him? Be patient and kind and encourage him(not pressure or condemn him) to express what you need by accepting the times he does his best and for me- it took telling him how I feel when he gives me compliments and encouraging words..that really has helped! What if this love lanugage is hard for you to do? Practice, practice, practice! It will come the more you do it! Choose to be brave! How about your this his love language? It is one of Danny's and so I give wholeheartedly because it comes easily to I have a thought about comes easy..I we only do what comes easy..but...dont push through to what is hard because we figure -well, I do this easily.. it should be enough? Do you get my drift? We do what comes easily and figure that's good enough? Think on this a minute....this is my love language so I do it easily for Danny..but it is not easy for him so should I just let him off the hook? ahh no. I want him to push through to me..get to me...rescue me...and he does because I have encouraged him to not give up...and neither should you...if this is your love language or your husbands we should always start with kindness..and tenderness. No one ever gets what they want with sassiness and is just performance then. Asking for what you want tenderly will get you farther..I promise.

Be humble. Love requests.. not demands it own way. When we make a request we show respect and show that we value our loved ones abilities to fulfill our request. It gives a choice to give or not. I think when asked most people will give...but to humble ourselves? Well, it can feel like it will take an act of God and it may..but its a choice we have too.

I want to feel and be do to.. I'm sure..So what are some ideas you have tried to practice words of affirmation?

Words of affirmation I try to share with Danny:

  • I appreciated that he gets up everyday to go to work or in his case now, that he goes to school to provide a stable future for me and our kids.
  • I encourage him to grow in his walk with the Lord by going to men's conferences, men's bible studies without any hassle about the time it takes.
  • I tell him I respect him and I show that honoring his decisions for our family.
  • I tell him.. He is hot! cuz he is!
  • I ask for his forgiveness because I'm not always what I should be..a girl gets crabby sometimes...
  • I tell him is everything I ever wanted...and he is

Anyway, we are not perfect..I read this to Danny...and he was really moved..see..just a few words can make such a difference..I hope you enjoyed this...I would love to hear how you practice words of affirmation in your it easy or hard for you? Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Saturday, February 6, 2010

vinyl chandy....

2 vinyl chandies for 75% off... reg.$ 29.99 on sale for $8.99.....yeah jo ann fabrics...check it out!

Friday, February 5, 2010

l Love on Monday...

love language: how to express heartfelt commitment to your mate...
  1. words of affirmation
  2. quality time
  3. recieving gifts
  4. acts of service
  5. physical touch

Which one(s) do you need and which one(s) does your husband need? Do you practice your love language daily? Starting Monday.. Im going to look at each love language and get your ideas and thoughts about them.. we are going to have a great time! So, let's get ready for Valentines day ladies..and give from the heart! Thanks for stopping by! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

turning to love..

With February here.. my thoughts turn to takes patience and kindness..its not to be envious, jealous, boastful or vain and is not is not arrogant or rude and does not act does not insist on its own way because its not self seeking..its not touchy or resentful and does not keep track of wrongs done, it does not rejoice at injustice but rejoices when right and truth bears up under hopes and believes the best in every person, it is steadfast..and never fails..or ends..

Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

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oh lace.. you make my day..

Simply love the look of lace on this window..and how simple right? Even a girl like me can manage this! Do you struggle with the perfect curtain for a room? How about the hardware for curtains? I really don't know what I'm doing when it comes to the hardware for curtains..its to techy I soon as I realize a curtain is going to need more than a rod..I get a crazed and dazed look about it all and drop any ideas of grand simple it must be for me...that's ok..I got to much stuff in my head anyway...giggle...Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie
p.s. the chair skirt is darling too!

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