Friday, July 31, 2009

A hairband for a sick little girl..

What's this you might ask? Why, its a little girl who has a birthday party tomorrow and has been bitten by the bug..We don't know if it's the heat bug ,the flu bug or the sugar bug, but it's a bugger!So, in honor of her birthday, I made a little headband for her special day..Her mom Holly had the great stuff I just did the grunt
She doesn't think it's funny ehmm..She does look adorable though!

A little vintage applique' and alittle dab o' hot glue and ...

A headband for a pool princess! Tomorrow for her special birthday, which happens to be shared with big brother Shane, she will look beautiful and sparkly and will be wearing her Eden's bouquet's swimsuit ! Look at my sisters blog for more! http://

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Helping with HIS project..

Well, Today I was able to return a favor to my Hon..Danny. Let me explain a little..See Danny has started a new adventure. He has returned to school and is looking into getting a degree in business..right now this dream is in the beginning stages because he is in a bit of a I- don't- know- what- is- next- funk.. as many men are right now..He is still running his business with the help of my awesome father in law Darold..and is trying to balance work, school, family and most importantly is relying on the Lord for what is the next step. Danny has always been a great provider, husband and dad! He has always supported me in everything I do and go through..and now it is his turn..I am going to be there for him as he goes through whatever it is God calls him to do next..So the picture above is a project for his art class. He is suppose to explain his emotions right now..This is a very vulnerable place for him and I applaud his effort! The above is a compiled grouping starting with the watch. Showing the time that it takes to do the schooling he needs. The rock is to show hard times.. the economy. Next, the ruler..and the question do I measure up? Is this not the question of man in general? Can I do It? Kinda like the question of a woman..Am I beautiful? Clamps..the stress of providing. If you want to see for yourself ladies how much pressure men deal with to provide I recommend the movie Faith like Potatoes... excellent! The legos are for building a new business and future for our family.. The globe with the world turned upside down shows the way things are right now with the world..The tree starts are for hope for the future . Which we believe is in God's hands completely..What would you do if you were to use things to show your emotions? Would love to know! So I helped set up this project after he chose what to show and I took the photos..returning the favor for all the projects he helps me with! thanks honey! I love you! And thanks for letting me show your project!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I cant believe it! It is suppose to get to 107 degrees today! Help! I can't take that kind of heat! I know it seems wrong to say this but it has to be said..I want fall to come! I have had the best summer with my kids this year. Mainly because of this little lifesaver here..with the economy the way it is and work scarce we bought this pool and decided to stay home this summer..It has been so relaxing and great to stay home and not run to the next big thing. In about 4 weeks or so my kids will be heading back to school already..I don't know where time goes..But I do know this is where I want to be today in there with them..I appreciate this time with them Lord..Thank you! Hope all of you are having good times and stay cool! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

To me with love....

Hey there! Today, is going to be a day that I JUST do what MUST be done and nothing more..Everyone needs a day like this..The hardest thing is giving yourself permission.
So today, I say SELF do what you must and give the rest to another day! Try it! It feels so good...

Monday, July 27, 2009

Just a little more..

Here he is..Helping me once again..what can I say! We put the fabric up in the cupboard openings and I love it! I say WE loosely because I kept trying to help ...but Danny is a one man show and I more or less directed, handed him tools and tried to remain calm and Not easy that day- because it was a day for chocolate if ya get my meaning...
here is the "before" of this part of the needs fabric!
And the "after" part..Sorry I didn't get a close up of fabric! It is cream with small pinstriped lines running up and down..this idea is great for me because I don't have alot of wall space and need a place to hang inspirations and ideas up. With a little pearl tipped pin I think I have a solution!

Thursday, July 23, 2009


I found this and wanted to share it with you..It is so speaks to my heart and it is sometimes how I feel.The curly-haired girl looks like my Ella and reminds me of the little girl inside of me...

Office Peeks!

I am afraid that this is what you get today..I will not be able to finish my last projects here til possibly next week sometime. We are suppose to get a heatwave and may be heading to the beach..HMmm. I know. Don't forget sunblock! haha. I'm so mean ...Anyway this is just a peek of a few things so I get ya to come back! This is my inspiration board and my little birdies perched above..
I do scrap booking and cards and I love most of all presents for family and friends..I do crafts mostly...Although my Hon keeps telling me to write a book..Where to start though- it's all to dramatic..

Stamping supplies in large jars I collected years ago..I even have some from Martha Stewart's 1rst magazine! I have been collecting things for awhile and have had craft areas in each of my houses- even if it was a closet! I really tribute my creative side to my mother- in- law Judy who really showed me and encouraged me to just let go and try.. I love that woman! My mom's side does have artistic abilities such as painting..But...and on my dad's side there was music...But..anyway..That's a long story..You will have to read the book! lol

My FABRIC! Burlap and floral linen. I cannot get rid of floral in my life! I love it! These lovely things will be a curtain under my desk. And other projects....

And candles are a must! These are beaten up and used and are just perfect! I feel so relaxed don't you? See ya! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Chocolate and Cream yummy!

Well, a little more for you today..I have always wanted cream and brown in a room and this is a perfect place to do it. It is soft and cozy and i love it! Hon painted the cream first after sanding and scuffing up the surface. Then he added and wiped off brown, The look is so nice. That is a chalkboard I picked up at a garage sale, we painted that too. The smell is better and they sure look good!
After hanging the doors back up and the chalkboard I decided cream walls would not do. We had a quart of brown left over from the cupboards and painted the wall behind them. It was perfect. It really made the creamy color drawers and cupboards stand out..

Here is Hon. Painting. He did a great job. He was so patient as I came up with ideas. He really is a handy guy. At every house we have ever lived in he has put a personal touch to each one. I love that man!

We happen to have a fridge from our sauna/spa ( I will show pics sometime of our old house) that we used for water bottles and damp spa cloths. Now, we store drinks and snacks that we hide from the kids. It is so nice! A little luxury for a girl is a good thing!

Thought about this for a curtain and then decided against it. I want cream and brown! For crying out loud! I almost got sidetracked but stood my ground! Found some great fabrics and will shown in next post. Ok so see ya then. Love ya- mean it! Stephanie

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Whispering Creek Office

This is my first official post! So I thought I sit down with coffee and toast and start talking or in this case bloggin'. What would I tell you about first? I guess my office!
This picture was the inspiration piece I used to gather my thoughts with..I love the old drawing and the colors were so sweet. And most of all the expression of this little man. So innocent and endearing...

This mess above was where we (My husband, Danny otherwise known as hon) and I started. This was the project he made a promise to me about -That it would be done by winters end. And so I kept quiet and winter crawled by and I thought is he really gonna get to this? It was a promise after all and I wanted to honor that.. even though I was almost choking on myself to keep quiet. After all he was starting a new chapter in his life and going back to school! Wouldn't he need an office to do that? I gently began asking about the cupboards the neighbors gave us for free! Score! Maybe we should go get them and have them ready? HAHA I had to wait a little but we finally got them and a couch and a huge screen to boot which is a project I will show at a later date.. when I start it.. hehehe. So here they are..

They were old and smelly but were in great shape. The countertop was a butcherblock which had become curved and was unusable so off to Home Depot to pick one out! Hon started hanging the cupboards which we had to rearrange to fit the room, and it started to come together.

More office to come..(dramatic dadada..) Oooo suspense and drama! Love ya, Stephanie

Monday, July 20, 2009

I changed my Blog!

Hey there! I started a blog way back WHEN and never did anything with it really...I didn't really know what to do with it I guess and so as time went by, I found that I wanted a blog that inspired myself and others. Home is the most important place. I know myself.... sometimes just looking at ideas and projects that others are doing inspires me to go the extra mile and clean up my house or look at a room with a little more creativity. So, Im going to give it a good ol girl try! Please be patient! I'm soooo new to this- my sister is helping me get used to this whole process! Im so excited!