Sunday, October 25, 2009

More harvest party...

Sitting around the camp fire we did! It was a beautiful day but it did get chilly..was glad for the fire..

A view from up above..carving pumpkins look at them all!

Even the guys got involved...unwrapping carmels for the Danny said there is a process to in the crock in the mouth! LOL

The aftermath of another great Harvest Party at The Whispering Creek House...Go check out my dear cousin Jen'sAutumn Festival..its gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by! Love Ya mean it! Stephanie


Out in the Fields said...

That was so sweet to have you think of TJ and Shane! What a great party, between you and Jen, my head spins with your creative lives:)

marble rose said...

American Life just seems wonderful - it's like watching The Waltons! Not fair! Please inform me what carmel apples are - they sound yummy!


Claire said...

This looks like a lot of fun! Love all your decorations =)