Wednesday, August 18, 2010

inspiration from kids

One day... I had two very bored girls..who came to me whining there was NOTHING to do around I sat down and wrote down words on index cards handed them the camera and gave them instructions to take pictures of the word along with something that explained the word...

and I was soooo impressed...

that I thought...

I would share them with you....

because when you have a day when boredom comes around a creeping..

You can use this bright idea and save yourself some cheese to go with your kids lasted for awhile until they came back fighting that they didn't get a turn...oh never know what will happen give it a really gives insight into your darlings behind all the fuss..thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

And so it began..with a quick stop at Tams and a little juggling of who was wearing what..we were off to Beth's (she is the very talented photographer who did the shoot) She was so sweet to us all as she offered us ice water and helped me clean up an unfortunate "accident" by Ella who was waiting ever so patiently to use the bathroom..all this and taking pictures while gently instructing her cute boys to behave themselves..oh mylanta! Were they ever so cute! The girl can do it all in my book..

Miss Ella waiting for her turn..

clothes are set out and ready to use..

hair done and flowers in place..

and off we venture into the forest..

Shelly was giggly as she struck poses...she did great!

I followed Beth around and had camera envy..I know it's wrong..however I did get over it as she is so sweet...heheee

the girls really had fun..

picking flowers and wearing pretty dresses..

Tam was there to do all the adjusting and give encouragement along the way..I wont tell what she said that made the girls giggle....

It was fun for me to trail behind Beth..if you get a chance to have her photograph your family you will love her as she is very patient and calm..unlike the models..hahaaa just kidding..the girls were so quiet that Tam had to say the thing she said to pull them out of it! lol

in the fields behind Beth's home we tracked around and took shots everywhere..

Don't you just love, love, love these dresses!?

Little Miss Muffets..

Kendra ,who is Shelly's girl, looks so cool..loving the colors of this bag!

My girl..she is my heart! These bags are great looking and huge so you can really pack it full..maybe for books for school?

The little girls model the beach bag and towel..don't you just love the gaze Raya is using on adoring!

all in a row..the patterns are girly and fun!

See these greats slippers? You can get the pattern..yes! you can! I have close up's of them if you would like to see them up close..

I love the patterns because they are modest, feminine and classy..hope you enjoyed everything! I did! Thanks Tam for having us and Beth your so talented! Check out for more information on anything you see here Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Tuesday, August 17, 2010


Today is a photoshoot for ....both my girls will be modeling with their look for that hopefully tomorrow or the next day...sorry so short today..I gotta runrun! lol thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Monday, August 16, 2010

Wishing you all a lovely Monday..hope all the things you have on your schedules go smoothly and ya mean it! Stephanie

Friday, August 13, 2010

Coffee Punch

Coffee punch is a rich creamy cold drink that I have used at a lot of the parties I is the recipe..enjoy...

Coffee Punch
1/2 c. instant coffee
1 c. sugar
1 c. water
Boil and cool
Then, in a punch bowl, add ice..I would say fill approx. 1/3 of the punch bowl
add to that a 1/2 gallon of ice cream..I use vanilla/vanilla bean
add 1 gallon of milk
and finally 1 pint of creamer...
stir and add a couple dollops of ice cream on top for good measure I say..and yes, you will to go off your diet to drink this..believe me...its worth it!
Thanks for all the kind words about the shower! and thanks for stopping by..Stephanie
P.S. How can I stop all this advertisement that is now on my blog after I posted about the bridal shower? It really makes me mad that these company's are putting links to their site off my blog..any help is great! Plus, isn't it illegal? My husband is so mad he is looking into it..I just had a call from my mom in law to use my blog to link back to her store and Im so happy! Especially since they asked permission..thats nice right? Its always nice to be asked....

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Rustic elegance bridal shower...

Finally ....the day has come and I'm able to show you some of the things I have been working on for my little sisters bridal shower..
I cant believe it.. even as I type this that my baby sister will be a wife! Memories flood into my mind as I gathered pictures and supplies to give her a bridal shower where family and friends can celebrate together and share the joy she is experiencing..

and here she is all smiles...

This is the beginning of the idea..plastic pedestals painted and made to look like old rusty metal..textures that represent a rustic elegance theme that Lily has chosen...

Brown tablecloths layered with green grass mat, brown burlap, branch runner and pedestals topped with a rustic wood stained in dark brown...

and here it is all dolled up!

And topped with yummy cupcakes made by my sister Holly...maple and triple threat chocolate with peanut butter filling....

We had great food thanks to my niece Merissa who is Lily's maid of honor..that's sister in law Shelly..thanks to her for lending her home for this was great..

Rustic breads and pasta salads and pinwheels oh my!

So perfect...that I cheated on my diet...yes I did! heheee

Coffee punch and limeade... I prettied them up with tulle and wooden tags..

Our drink bar....

Our guest were welcomed with this wooden heart that I originally had above my bed...I added the letters and colored ribbons in Lily's colors..

A little sentiment of Lily's feelings this night... remember this from a post long ago?..Well, it's done!

Our tables for the guests...we had a beautiful evening as the weather was nice!

Wild flowers go with the rustic woodsy feel.... the runner is wrapping paper from the dollar store..

You don't have to spend alot if your willing to scavenger the fields and Costco has great deals on white it

Lanterns offered by a friend Ruthie..thanks! We had a candlelight evening that made it magical.
oops posted twice....

And this is a favor that I dreamed up as a thank you gift for our guests..Lily is a hardworking college student who is planning a wedding ..the nicest gift we could give was to help with the "thanks you's "for all the great gifts she instead of thank you cards they received this ...I don't know about you but I would rather get one of these than a card that I read and throw out! lol

A votive candle in clear glass wrapped in burlap string and pearl..covered in tulle.... tied and tagged with wood chip, acorn star and thank you charm.

All clustered together in an old crate I bought at a flea market...

photos of Lily and her fiance' Carlin..

My son Carlin made this wooden sign that I clipped the photos to..she loved it so much she will be using it at her wedding...
The card basket and extra photos for guests to pick through...

The "brides chair".... I had this chair in my office that I thought would be perfect to put by the gifts...with ribbons, tulle and a wooden garland I revamped it's extra special...
A look at the whole area...Games were so fun and I enjoyed the guests faces as they tried to draw a wedding dress off the top of their heads!

And the game that had guest designing wedding dresses out of toilet paper..good times..

And the winner! Well done with great details.....

Lily picks her favorite with a smile!

opening presents at dusk by candlelight...

The entry to the party lit by candles...

What a great time..Lily was so thrilled and she enjoyed her bridal shower...
As for me.. it was a blast to plan and I want to thank Lily's maid of honor Merissa and her second made of honor Karie and all her bridesmaids..your all so great..thanks for making this event one to remember! Thanks Shelly for letting us use your backyard..Duane (her hubby) for all the yard work and everyone who helped in their own way..Holly thanks for the cupcakes! So.... its back on the diet and on to the wedding!!!! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it!Stephanie