Sunday, October 25, 2009

Harvest Party Decor!

Well, the Harvest party has come and gone at The Whispering Creek House...we made some great memories once again this year...The photo above is the make shift kitchen in the barn..

and by adding a little corn stalk, some gourds and pumpkins..we made it a homey little kitchen! We had so many great soups and breads! All kept hot by our crockpots...

Even a coffee, apple cider and hot cocoa bar.. which was in constant use after it finally got set year the area will need a little supervision as a little birdie said the little kids were drinking the creamer straight

I even used my hammered pumpkins in a corner that needed to be warmed up....

Mumbles, the cat even got into the swing of things and granted his presence throughout the time we spent together! Scroll down to my many posts of The Harvest Party '09


Debra @ Common Ground said...

This looks wonderful... And sounds delicious! I can just imagine how fun it must have been, and I love your black kitty. How appropriate that he graced you with his presence!

Anonymous said...

Waaaaah... sniff sniff.. next year I want to be invited. Oh, love the hammered pumpkins too!

What an event ya'll had there. Is Thanksgiving going to be held in the barn also? What a treat and I could see some sort of potbellied stove in there or hubs being as talented as he is.. could install a fireplace. Look at me, it's not my digs yet here I am suggesting things for hubs to do already.

Hugs for sharing this with us. Lovely lovely time. I can smell autumn from here.


Mary said...

everything looked wonderful, and what fun all must have had.

~ RM said...

You decorated so beautifully!! I love taht chandelier~
Looks like everyone had a blast- what a fun time when everyone comes together like that!
Prayers to Shane and TJ, hopefully they will stateside again soon.
Again- everything looks so lovely- thanks for sharing!

Anna said...

loved all your harvest party posts. looks like it was a blast!

Emom said...

Looks fabulous!
Great ideas,
love the chandelier too,

Kelly @ Dare to be Domestic said...

So pretty! No harvest party is complete without a black cat. :)

texasdaisey said...

Your posts are always such a joy. Love the kitty peeking around the pumpkin and hay bale. What a party it must have been!