Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I am trying....

Well ladies..I'm gonna be taking some time to work on my blog..I gotta get this following biz taken care of....it is really draining me because I feel a little helpless because computers overwhelm me! I am gonna figure this out..but my head is in that and not on my projects..had hope of doing my pumpkin chandelier but for now I gotta focus..I will try to post while I'm doing this -I hope you will bear with me cuz I could use some encouragement...thank you all so much for your help and sweet comments..I will see ya soon!!! love ya! mean it! Stephanie

Monday, September 28, 2009



Is this ever gonna happen?

This and one other project are holding up my reveal of the living room....
Why o why can't I?.....Sorry I am lacking man power here as my honey has gone back to school and has little time to help me with the technical things..I want it done right or forget about it! And me and measuring tapes don't get along and power tools are not my thing...I like watching my man with them but that's as far as it goes..I will keep you updated thanks for stopping by love ya ! mean it! Stephanie

What about your neighbor?

Good morning! I came across this picture in my photos and thought I would tell you a little about it..our sweet neighbor lady Susie, (who has no little kids) puts up these flags for each month and we LOVE them..When we first moved here it was how the kids realized we were home.. they are clear at the end of the drive and it is something we look forward to each month..each one is different and pertains to the season. Neighbors can be so thoughtful..even something as this just shows the neighbors " we are neighborly" I like that its friendly and feels safe..and we need to feel safe where we live. We try to stay connected with our neighbors and send over platters of cookies and carmel popcorn at Christmas..it's nice. And they drop by and share cherries off their trees and apples for our harvest party..we keep up on the activities or animals that are creeping through the woods...I would love to hear things you do with or for or have had done unto you..with your neighbors...Thanks for stopping by ! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I wanna know....the dirty secret!

That's right! I wanna know how all you ladies do your laundry and how you keep up with it? How many outfits do your kids really need? REALLY!!!! I want to know!!!! And how do you make the transition throughout the seasons? What do you do if your kids have favorites you would like to sneak behind the barn and burn? How do you keep your socks together while you wash them..much less keep them from getting lost..I want to know the dirt..so leave me a comment...thank you! Love ya ! Mean it ! Stephanie

Friday, September 25, 2009

I just got my first award!

My first award! Thank you to Room Remix! I LOVE Room Remix! I'm so excited and thrilled to be chosen! For this award I list seven random things about myself and tag someone else I want to know more about...I chose Karen because she is a talented sewer and loves the country too. She is new to the blogging world.. so, I want to introduce her to you!
7 Random Things About Me
1. I am a country girl at heart..I did not know this for many years because denial comes in many forms..lol..
2. I wrap most of the gifts I give in brown mailing paper or white butchers paper because I love using sticks, ribbons, bird nests, silk flowers and things for the top and I like a blank slate to work with...
3. I don't like crowds..like going to Costco..
4. I love to read! Anything except romance novels..My life with Danny is all the romance I need..
5. I have moved I believe 12 times in the 18 years I have been married..and I enjoyed decorating every one of them..
6. I love all white rooms but cannot live in them....
7. I didn't know I was a creative person until I was a new bride decorating my own home...I was inspired by my lovely mother in law who believed I could before I did..thanks Judy
Well there ya have it..randomness about me...Decorating for me is a way for me to root my family..because no matter where we are- we are together..and that is the most important thing! Thanks for this award! It means alot and thanks for stopping by! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Want to do a fall project?

Well, what do you think.. this looks easy right? I think we should try it together... anyone interested? It's a wreath chandelier made with a grapevine wreath, maybe a garland and some small pumpkins carved to make little lights...hmm what do you think? It looks like it is hung with jute rope? Martha Stewart didn't have instructions -so we are on our own- but I think it is an interesting project....not to shabby for price I bet..how many of these wreathes do we see at thrift shops and probably have hanging around ready for a revamp...I think it would be fun..c'mon it might be just what you needed...Thanks for stopping by! Love ya ! Mean it! Stephanie

Apples and Oreos

I was looking around for some ideas for the harvest party and came across these great looking cookies at the Victorian trading company! Go check this site out it has some neat things! The cookies are Chocolate Apple Covered Oreos..they look good..with a cup of coffee..yum

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Featuring: hammered pumpkins..


Check it out! Its more, more, more of fall decor ideas!

Are we gonna get our followers back?

Hey I noticed on all our blogs that the followers list is missing...anyone know why? And when will they be back? Love this picture but not sure where I got it! Credit goes to the one who does or did this picture let me know I would be glad to give a shout out !

Barn Love- the reason we bought this place..

Look at this barn! Isn't it great? Old boards, unique roof, the old front door....love
This is the reason we bought this property...because we had visions..of harvest parties and bonfires, sleepover guests from outta town...reunions and BBQ's....

You wouldn't believe how much better this place looks now that it is getting some tender love and care..we have YEARS( Lord willing )to make this into what we dream it can be..but we have a great start! Danny has poured dyed concrete in here, built a stairs going up to the second level ( we had to climb a ladder to get up there! You should have seen me and our lovely realtor in high heels climbing that! I was impressed!) But you have to see it all inside and I'm gonna do just that in October..because we are gonna have our annual harvest party in there! I will try to post pictures of last year so ya can see! Danny just put in a bathroom with washer/ dryer, toilet and sink with hopes of trying his hand at a tile shower! YAY and a sauna cross my fingers! We will have a full functioning kitchen at some point and guest bedrooms upstairs in the loft.. a game area for the kids- See that door up above..we plan to put a balcony off that! Won't it look great? Right now its in idea stage and I will post as we go- you could be here for years as we renovate this place! ha ha! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Monday, September 21, 2009

Check it out!

Good morning to you all this fine Monday morning! I just put all my kids on the bus and sent my husband off for HIS first day at school too! So I am holding down the fort and kitten-sittin for my girls..the kitties follow me everywhere and I had to put them back to bed so I could do a little blogging..Click here!
http://thediyshowoff.blogspot.com/2009/09/fall-festival-week-3.html AND CHECK THIS OUT! DIY Showoff is having a fun Fall Festival and you must go see this great blog! It is a very favorite of mine! This gal is the sweetest and she is so helpful! I am featuring my hammered pumpkins! They are soooo easy! Now go check it out and say I sent ya! Love ya! mean it !Stephanie

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I made Hammered Pumpkins!

Look! At Walmart, I bought these ugly pumpkins for $5.oo each! I knew I could make these look great..just because.... I HAD to! Thank you, Walmart for the challenge! LOL..
One of each size..I like to work in threes... but the third one I found- I could not live with...Although, after I get these done..I may be able to compromise and go get the third funky- shaped one!

This is all I used! I'm not kidding..they took about three coats each ... which I have enough for the funky one if I go get it....

Yes, DAHHHling..I love them too! That's it! I am going to go get the third one to add to this ..I must! LOL!!! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Friday, September 18, 2009

Garage sales and Kittens...

Look at what I got talked into today..free kittens down the road..My girls are thrilled and I am now a kitten sitter 24/7..but..they ARE really cute! Ella named her kitten ( the black one) Oreo and Camalee's is now named Pumpkin..love abounds here....
And a little something something for me..three platters a teapot and a painting all for $3.oo!

I don't know who painted this but it is so cute! I am going to replace the frame of course. It should be in a real frame..

I wanted to show you the detail on this teapot..I think it's nice..I also picked up a vanity mirror that I am gonna transform for my living room for a little drama! ugh I'm not sure when this living room reveal is ever gonna happen! Anyhoo... Thanks for stopping by love ya! mean it! Stephanie

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Old tin ceiling from a South Dakota schoolhouse...

There once was a little girl who lived in South Dakota, who dreamed of a house of her own some day..and in that house would be old things with history and interesting stories behind every piece she had. This little girl lived in a home where additions to the house she lived in came from old schoolhouses that her dad would buy and tear down. Cold winters she would go with her brothers and sisters (after packing hot cocoa and sandwiches) to tear these schoolhouses down... and she would wonder... of the history she was taking. She dreamed that someday she could have some of it for her own house... The memories of old boards and school benches and tin ceiling tiles never left that little girl and when she heard many, many years ago that another schoolhouse was going down..she had some of that old tin sent to her...And it came in a sheet with chippy cream paint and it made her glad..cuz now, she had some of her own to put into her home. And she had history that she could share with her children... of the days when she was a little girl....dreaming of the day when she would have a home of HER own...Thanks for stopping by! love ya! mean it! Stephanie

Who's picking who?

Look at these apples! I cant believe it fall is really here! Apple crisp and pies and snacks for the kids lunches are what these beauties are gonna be made into!
I love that I can drive into the driveway and see such a beautiful sight as this..living, life, creation

And they are all mine...Don't you love how SHE is carrying the heavy bucket with one flip flop and a furry boot obviously afraid of getting left behind she grabbed the first thing she saw! lol and look no shoes and no shirt..oh what can I say I love it!

looking in the bucket I gotta say..... this girl can carry alot for her little flip flop self.

And my little guy carrying the ladder? Well, he wasn't complaining but Carlin- the big guy with out the shirt- sure pulled a Huck Finn...

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Living Room Colors

I thought I would give a little tease of the living room project I am working on...I really, really wanted to do creams and whites and such..but I cant live in a place without color....and I felt for now it was more economic for me to paint, do trade labor and barter than to change everything I have..I went "shopping" in my barn and felt I would be serving my family better at this time using what we already have and add to that..So whites and creams and browns will be for my bedroom, office and master bath for now..and the colors above..my inspiration..Shelly finished my pillows and they are fab! I am off to the kitchen to prepare a Mexican dinner for her family! I will do the reveal soon- I hope. I have a few details I need to get finished..Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Monday, September 14, 2009

Ok! More Barn House and others...

I thought I would show more of the shots I took at the Barn House Sale..There were so many of them, I could not post them all in my other post! Love the hats and pillows!
I really wanted that shelf! It was so great! But I was just looking on this day..maybe next time!

A great display of headband..very cool and very creative!

A collection of odds and ends each unique and interesting..we had fun digging through all the bowls and stands with things like these....
And this sweet little kitty! Just minded his own thing and glance around at all us curious people..So relaxed..like us as we enjoyed our time at the Barn House..my next post is another sale we went to that day..See it was a great day! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Vintage Gatherings and others..

So this is the next sale went to on the way back home..up above it a vintage tiria..so pretty couldn't get this to photo to turn so there ya have it...This was the Vintage Gathering sale...Lots of vendors here with great things..
I thought this was too cute...

Isn't this display so nice? It is country,fall,harvest right?

Another table at the sale..I thought this display was so me..the colors and things were very nice!
Uncovered Ruby..another great vendor! I wish I could have remembered them all! I don't know how many booths there where... but it was a great time! I hope they do it again! Well done Vintage Gatherings!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

O' the Barn House..

What a great day for a Saturday date! We woke to this beautiful day and had so many big things planned to get done before noon...This photo below my girl Camalee took..she is my little photographer ..

This is one of the things we had planned at least I did.lol Danny was kinda along for the ride...I think he had some fun..it was like the old days though watching me hyperventilate over decorating ideas..By old days I mean when I was seriously crazy over antiquing..We stopped at any and all shops..driving erratic was the norm for my hubby and kids because at any given moment I would screech to a stop if i could or wheel around to get at a great sale...

But those days went away..I actually had a booth at the Monticello in Portland Oregon for awhile..but with little ones at home..it just didn't pan out..to far to drive and not enough energy for it all...it was fun, but for a season..Anyhoo..the Barn House had their fall sale today and that was an event I wanted to check out. It was fun and I loved the ideas they set up in there barn..very neat!

This little display of hats was so cute....

An these little necklaces were precious! The Barn House events are a great time, so if you see their signs along the road stop by and say hi! It was worth the drive and a great date!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Decorating for Fall..

Is this not so cute! I found it one day a Big Lots..A store that is now a fav for home decor! This was only $24.00..I had visions of my annual Harvest Party that we have in our barn..I could see it filled with pumpkins and gourds..and corn cobs! Or I could use it for yummy fall bread that everyone brings for the harvest dinner...Or I could put our bowls and spoons and napkins in it..I guess we will have to see! All I know is that the yellow had to go..
So cream it is! No sense me being distressed! I just distressed the wagon! I like it so much better..hmm not sure if I am done or not though there is still alot I can do with it..guess we will have to wait and see what comes of it!

For now it is a great little find! And will add to our decor for fall..Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Healing Expressions Give-away!

Click here (http://artistlanikent.blogspot.com/2009/09/art-blessing-giveaway-and-studio.html)to enter Lani Kents Healing Expressions give-away! It is great if you do any art journals! I am just starting hopefully by the end of this month! I can't wait! I'm like Lani, trying to get order in my life and journaling really helps me get in time with the Lord! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it!


Well I got my blog list up and I feel great! I even added some! Looks like I am on a roll. Better start my day! Off to Shelly's to drop off pillows for her to sew and to start a list of groceries so I can bring her family a meal! Consider doing this..Trading talents..with the economy the way it is this is a great solution for women to help each other out..Thanks Shelly! I hope the meal I prepare for you and yours is a blessing to you as you are to me!


I can't believe this! I just deleted my blog list! Now I have to start over I am so sorry! I will be back in the game later...

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

The steps to Honor and Faith..

This is the post I meant to post yesterday to go along with my get your craft on..but things came up that had to be taken care of first and I had to stop what I was doing and attend to that..My life first, then blogging ( I gotta keep that in mind!) Anyway, to go along with yesterday's post, I thought I would tell ya how these came to be...I had a dream that I would decorated my fridge in my mudroom to jazz it up abit...
And this is what I dreamed...

Magnets on the back of the frame to hold the pictures up..which kinda worked...

Stamping faith and honor on burlap that did work...put it all together... it looks good... sticks good..add kids and a door to slam on a whim..not so good ..So broken glass later and pointing of fingers and accusations (ehmm..not nice I know) I figured it out..glue burlap to frame and add magnets and try again...try try try again. They are sitting on my bookcase waiting patiently for me to try again..