Monday, August 31, 2009

All because two people fell in love....

Well it is here! The family reunion! A family deeply rooted in Christ.... that began because two people fell in love and decided to make Christ their center.....
Grandpa and Grandma gave my father- in- law a beautiful woman who gives to her family and puts others above herself always... they gave my husband and his two sisters a loving and kind mother who gave generously the love they deserved....anyone who knows me knows I love my mother-in law! She has been such a gift to me and has always been there for me! She told Danny when he married me "You be nice to her now!" Like she even had to tell him that! LOL! She raised him to be a gentleman and a good man..who I love and adore madly..I am truly blessed to have given Danny 3 strapping boys and 2 beautiful girls (one who carries my mother in laws name as her middle name!) Mom is a strong, compassionate and talented woman..She came from good people..and I am honored to be a part of this family! We all have been truly loved because of grandpa and grandma's love for the Lord! What a heritage we have in Christ!

Our family reunion begins...

This is the entry to our reunion! It draws us in with anticipation and for me I feel a little anxouisness..I haven't seen some of these people in years..I forgot my camera on the first day so this is the second day and I gottta say I could hardly wait! The night before was so fun and it really relaxed me and so I was ready for this day on Sat.
Welcome to the o zone!

Chet and Carla's home..they hosted this whole thing at their house... I never got a photo of them together cuz they were running around keeping us all well fed and entertained!

Homemade salsa! yum!

Catching up for hours!! It was a busy day on Saturday! Games for the kids, breakfast lunch and dinner and a sibling tractor course! And bonfires after dark! wow what a time!

Jesus loves the little children

The kids were busy the whole time..each night I put the kids down to sleep they were so exhausted..the pictures of the kids really grab me here because this is the next generation..I wonder the things that they will face and pray for them that God will be at their center....
Their innocence and carefree beautiful....

As they learn to hold fragile eggs to take around the obstacle course I can't help but think- This is so how it is..Someone reaching out to teach us and guide us about Jesus and as we carefully take that teaching and carry it with us as we go through life and it's obstacles... we tend feel all alone... yet there His is with us as we reach the other side..

The beautiful vision of these things overwhelms my heart for the Love of Jesus..and His love for his children..

God bless this future generation as they journey through life and keep them close to you!

Fun for the kids...

My guy Evan who had a great time meeting new cousins! He said it was easy! I just walked up to anyone and said hey cuz!

Around the playground! looks like home to me!...

Ella, giving my peace in every sense of the love ya baby!

Is this not so cute? Love her hair!

Getting ready for the main event of the day....

Before the main event!

This is some snapshots before the tractor course..

Uncle Ron

Uncle Richard

Mom with her sister Joyce...

And the crowd is waiting...

learning how to drive in the country...

Oh did we have so much fun with this! The siblings tractor race! Up above it the instructor Chet(also our host for this weekend thanks to you and your wife Carla!) he keeps track of the flags they hit and how well they stay on course..This is where the ladies sit...

and drive the tractor! I love it!!!

And here are the brothers laughing so hard at their brothers and sisters as they direct their spouses to drive blindfolded....that's before it was their turn!

And my wonderful in laws! Team Darold and Judy! I got all the grandkids to cheer them on..but maybe that wasn't a good thing they were off the course more than on! lol Dad even stopped the tractor and crossed his arms across his chest and refused to move at one point laughing the whole time! O was this fun!


After the tractor course..

The crowd as they watched the sibling tractor course..

Danny stirring the corn, I think they broke several "spoons" as they tried to keep it from burning...

My son Kendall and the girl on the right is cousin Jason's daughter! Jason and I were close cousins when we were kids and we both married into this great family! I thought about this picture and wondered where did the time go? I am so glad I caught this picture!

Kim and Kathy I had to capture this because this is how I have always saw you! Much love and thanks for your part in making this reunion happen God bless you! Our family had the best time reconnecting with family and are so grateful to Grandpa Chet and Grandma Vi for such a great heritage..they truly lived out there faith and it shows in this family..Most of all We thank God for His many blessings and for our heritage in Christ!

Friday, August 28, 2009

Fall Decorating..

Is it to early to do fall decorating? I can hardly wait! I would love to hear from you- what excites you the most about fall and what do you love to decorate the most? Is it your porch? Or dining table? Your bathroom? How about any area you need help with? I loved to give ideas..just send a photo and I will give you budget friendly tips ..maybe then I will feel like I'm decorating already! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie
(image from Better Homes and Gardens)

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't look at me wrong today..grr

I am feeling a little deranged this week...After the graffiti weekend I hit the ground running and haven't stopped! I got up early today to post this so all my new friends like you could know a little of whats been going on here and why I haven't posted anything hardly..between running camalee to volleyball tryouts and registering kids for school, buying clothes, shoes and school supplies, getting haircuts and running constantly to bathroom ( I didn't realize it but the morning bars I have been eating for quick exits were actually fiber bars..note to self: check the box next time idiot!) and trying to get quality time with my honey..I feel a little like the above ..I am so looking forward to next week when the kids go to school just so I can think straight and talk cohesively to others..We have a busy weekend with a family reunion and I am not sure when I will calm down for sure maybe by the second week of school? Anyway, thank you all for your comments! I love checking them and checking out your blogs! Well I'm off to volleyball practice and another day of running teens and errands..busy ..o my bed i miss you! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

p.s. camalee loaded this cute image up so i don't know where it comes from so if it's your's let me know and i will credit you..thanks

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Graffiti t shirts are all the rage!

This is my boy Carlin (on the left) and his cousin Aaron (on the right) as they finished their t-shirts they made for this years youth camp!
Look at our class! These kids are so CREATIVE! And were so fun to work with!

Carlin workin hard on his t-shirt..He was getting mad at me because apparently I was hovering to much! I was not! I just was ya know looking and watching and making a comment or two and kinda helping him a little and encouraging and pointing things out and pattin' his shoulder here and there..hardly hovering people! Ehemmm..

Yahoo! Look at this! Oh I get so excited by paint and stencils!

A great day to be had! Thank You all who stopped in for a glimpse and for encouraging these great graffiti artists! P.S. Carlin you did good kid, ya did real good!

Well that's it folks!

Another graffiti class done! What a great time we all had and the kids are counting the days until camp next year! This class was a favorite for the kids and I had double the amount of kids! You wouldn't believe the creativity of this bunch! Amazing!
My son Kendall..this is his last year unless be becomes a camp counselor or helps in some other way..He really enjoys camp and I am a little sad for him..This is the T shirt he did..Cool hey?

The first class I had for the weekend..can you believe it? Wow! Great work people!

Look at this shirt! Each kid designed and executed their t-shirts..I love it! Well done Caitlin!
I love that each guy or gal had such unique ideas and it was fun listening to the kids yell out this is sooo sweet! or I love it! They were very gracious and encouraging to each other too.

Kendall with his best bud..Lason. These boys grew up together from newborns to this! I'm great friends with Lason's mom and if they get rowdy with me I pull out the best stories heheh..I love these guys and wish them well as they move on to new adventures!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I would like to order some energy please!!

I am still at the camp..had a great first day with the kids..They all did great projects which I will post later cuz I left my camera in the car and I am to tired to go grab it! lol My sister in law Shelly is a co-instructor with me so I am getting to spend some time with her which is very cool..and my son Kendall was in my first class and Carlin will be in today's class with Shelly's boy Aaron..I am hoping we are not embarrassing them to bad! Today, I am praying for energy as I am about zapped! I love spending time with the kids though and feel blessed to even be there with them...Gotta run thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it Stephanie

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Taking a walk thru the cabins of old...

Do you not just love these little cabins the kids at the youth camp get to stay in???? So pretty!
This one is my fave..It's door is just calling me to walk thru..Come here Stephanie! And the little curtain in the window? bliss!

I am gonna weep people! A white door with a pink hue? You had me at hello!

And look at this old linoleum floral patterned floor! It reminds me of being a girl and visiting my aunt in an old farmhouse down the road a mile!

Yes! This is the bed that is in this room..Could it be more fitting? The girls and I went for a little adventure to check out the cabins and it was so fun! Each one is different and unique..I took tons of pic's! Maybe I will post more another time..but for now just sigh and have a great day! Thanks for stopping by! love ya! mean it! Stephanie