Thursday, October 8, 2009

Loving a Planked Wood Headboard!

I was just minding my own business getting ready to just relax and enjoy a nice few minutes alone when it happened..I flipped open to my brand spanking new Ballard Design magazine when I saw the most lovely headboard I have seen in a long time..A Planked Wood it not so delish! I would love to pile this high with white, white, white! pillows, throws and old linens!! At the price of $299.oo it would be such a steal too! I doubt at this time I will be able to splurge on a whim..but a girl can dream right? My mission style bed and dresser are still a favorite of mine..but the barn at The Whispering Creek House now that is another matter...the rooms do need some beds right? hmm...I'm gonna dream on that!....

A close up for you too..Thanks for stopping by! Love Ya! Mean it! Stephanie


~ RM said...

ooh, I love it too. $299? I thought, ouch. I'm sure you could makie this on your own, no? ;) Bet you could- you've got a nack. Happy weekend!!

Ps. I gave you an award! Stop by my blog to check it out!

Out in the Fields said...

Very nice! If you can't make it yourself maybe in his spare time between studying Danny could:)

cityfarmer said...

if one had a handy dandy-handy- man Danny in the family could have him the handy-man make it!

cityfarmer could stencil the name of a chic paris hotel and make a beautiful logo across the wood that the hand-dandy- handyman Danny crafted ... for not alot of $$$$