Friday, July 23, 2010

I took this photo as I stood at the end of the bed where my sweet dear friend Linda heart was so sad for myself.. but so filled with love for this woman..memories came flooding back as I was there..times where she had loved me back to the present as I told her things that had happened in the past..she would proclaim Jesus and comfort me and I would always feel loved and my spirit would be restored once again. I had never met a woman like her before...her laugh is the thing I will miss..because with the laughter, I always knew that what would follow would be love.. and I anticipated it ...when she spoke it was from the heart.. the words that give the only peace I will ever know.... Jesus..always Jesus..She loved the word of God with a passion and gave daily doses to anyone she was around and we loved her for it..She was a spiritual mother to me and really to anyone who was in her presence..she treated us all like one of her own and reflected Christ..The Lord must be so happy having her with Him in heaven. She loved to visit..always willing to sit and do so..she celebrated anything and everything...that was her way...she really loved people. Where there were holes in my heart the Lord used Linda to fill them and now there is a dull ache until I see her again... My biggest comfort is that she is in Abba's arms safe and in no pain..she is dancing with joy and laughing..she is home at last...Linda, I love you, miss you and thank God for the you..

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

kitchen I love thee..

Tools of the trade...after all the years of cooking and baking...I just had a thought ..I could never live without 'em! I mean...Ive made birthday cakes...little fancy tea sandwiches..baked pies and cakes and cookies dishes and sauces ..cookie crumbs and tenderized meats.. .. I guess as I'm grumbling once again about making dinner, I should be glad I dont have to get out my best rock! I am just wondering.. What is your favorite "kitchen tool" ? I have a small collection. I love to hear about anything that is going to make my life in the kitchen... just that much easier! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Monday, July 12, 2010

The Evangeline Ruffle Valance..get yours....

Visit Eden's bouquet for this beautiful can preorder and get 10% off! My cousin Jen is doing her daughter's room and they look so that a word even?'s Windy Ridge people..and its lovely there! Can wait til she does the big reveal! Go check it out! I would love to have these in my barn! And I know you have a place for them too.. Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

Friday, July 9, 2010

Happy Friday to you all! Hope you have a great weekend and that it is filled with many blessings! thanks for stopping ya mean it! stephanie
image unknown

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I don't know where this image comes from..but it is so lovely to me..if its yours please contact me I want to credit you! In fact, I may have used it before and will probably use it again! lol

The thing that intrigues me about this... is how fragile this dandelion is..yet how seems at the most fragile times in our life we can become the most afraid and doubting..and like this withering flower we wonder.. Can I really get through this? It is amazing what the Spirit can help us endure...there have been times when I have felt I couldn't trust another soul in this world and yet I could rely on the one who gave His life for me..feeling so fragile and even is easy for the enemy to attack and torment me with the things I struggle with and it feels like with one swift breeze I could be swept away into can be a Christian I get up every day and do a battle that the world cannot understand..praying for discernment with my children, prayers for my marriage... that it would continue to be its best, with no room for the enemy to use evil, to destroy what the Lord says is good. Prayers for family members and friends with struggles of their the world goes about its business and satisfies it own desires..I pray that mine would be His will and not my good it is that we have a place to lay it all down and be encouraged that there is a reason for all things and we are given hope... someday we will have no pain or tears and this knowledge restores us so we CAN go on.. look back and see how very fragile we were... yet how beautiful..thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

before and after porch..

Well, here it is..all the furniture removed and orange, orange orange...this has bugged me from the beginning..but was I crazy to make a change that would be difficult for my hubby to take?
this was the first day of sunny weather..we haven't even been out here since last summer...

I mean its in rough shape...

we have the basics..but I knew it could go a little more....

my front entrance is the hello of our house...I want it to be the hug people deserve when they come visit..

and its just sad...

it really needed some loving..I gulped ..went to Home Depot and showed my honey what I wanted...and here it is....

Do you like it? Dark stained floors and a new screen door...also in dark brown...

The orange is gone and my furniture pops!

we had fourth of July out here with family and friends...

our coffee bar was so great!

We could barely keep the coffee pot full! I love it! I will post more later but wanted to share what we have done so far! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

Thursday, July 1, 2010

look who is finally here!

Introducing my new little niece..Khloe Michelle...she is perfection...I'm a proud auntie! Congrats to my sister Holly and hubby...This baby is not even 24 hours old and I'm not even kidding..she lifted her head up and looked at mom and turned her head and looked over and up at her daddy..I wouldn't believe it if I heard it..but for real.. I saw it with my own two eyes! Amazing little girl! Welcome baby!!!
so sweet...thanks for stopping ya mean it! Stephanie