Saturday, October 17, 2009

Dressing my sink..ideas?

Ok, so I got one of these utility sink kits for my barn bathroom...wait, I didn't Danny did..and now I am searching for great ideas to dress it up... if I could have picked something out this wouldnt be an issue but I'm just glad he is putting a sink in! lol ...I went on a couple of sites but not to much out there..
this one is really cute its from country living...I like it but I don't sew..and if I could figure it out with out sewing.. I would be oh so happy! Why don't the people who make these just have a selection of skirts for these things? it would make life so much easier for me!

I like what this gal did over at (Blue Creek Home) click on the title... its really cute! If you can help dress my sink I would love to here from ya! thanks for stopping by! love ya !mean it !Stephanie


Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

I don't sew either, but I'm thinking you could velcrow some fabric on. With extra velcrow you could even change out the fabric for the holidays. Good luck!

~ RM said...

I know you say you can't sew... ;) But... You can GLUE!! Check this idea out...Glue pleats in some fabric with a hot glue gun. Then, attach a wide ribbon to hide the scrappy edge, Add velcro (usually either stick and peel or iron on.) and Voila! A skirt you can change when the mood strikes. Or, maybe use a use a pre-made skirt (maybe a banquet table?)

Anonymous said...

OK fabric length plus hems on top and bottom 1 1/2 to 2 times width and elastic or velcro and maybe 2 hrs my time Love YM

Out in the Fields said...

Your sis-in-law could whip this out in the amount of time a nice pumpkin dessert is worth:) See if she'll do a trade!

Joyce said...

Use double sided sticky velcro. Put some around the sink and then put some on the fabric. Now I did not do this myself but I think it would work. Try it on a small item first before you put it onto your sink.

The Whispering Creek House said...

Anonymous! I LOVE YOU!!!! THANKs!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Stephiepoo.. does it have to be fabric?

If not..have hubs build a cabinet base which is so simple and if the sides are exposed they too need to considered here. Hunt down some old barn wood.. and old mirror.. some old icky drawers that can be painted and make the front door out of these items. The sides can be just a nice treated wood painted to match.

If you want fabric.. why not run over to Lowes and purchase the canvas paint cloth for 10 bucks, then stencil sorta like your blog back ground here with fabric paint and hand on mini cafe curtain rods also found at Lowes.

Happen to have a reclaim shop or thrift shop near by? Head over to hunt for odds and ends furniture and knobs.

Does this help?

Blue Creek Home said...

Thank you so much for the mention! Very flattering!