Saturday, January 29, 2011

love dare. day 21. Love is satisfied in God..

Day 21
The Lord will continually guide you, and satisfy your desire.-Isaiah 58:11
Love is satisfied in God
Today's dare
Be intentional today about making a time to pray and read your bible. Try reading a chapter out of proverbs each day(There are thirty-one-a full month's supply), or reading a chapter in the Gospels( Mathew, Mark, Luke and John). As you do, immerse yourself in the love and promises God has for you. This will add to your growth as you walk with Him.

Questions for you:

  • How do you think spending time daily with God will change your situation and perspective?
  • How can you make Him a bigger part of your day?

Don't give up! This takes dedication and I know it can be your best! I look forward to hearing from you!! Even if you didn't get a couple days done here or there..pick up and start here! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie

image unknown book excerpts from the "Love Dare" by Alex and Stephen Kendrick


Out in the Fields said...

Thanks be to God for His great mercy! I can say with all my heart that Jesus is the love of my life and that to spend time in His word daily is a rich pleasure. I want that for my husband too...but only God can give it!

Tanya said...

Great inspiration. We've been reading through Matthew in the morning and it's been a blessing to hear Jesus' words echoing in my mind all day.

Dianna said...

Sorry I didn't get Dare 20 commented on until now...I don't really feel I can share here the areas that I've recommitted to the Lord, but He definitely has made them known and I've done so.

Dare 21 is something that I do already...I would be hard pressed to live without it. Thank you for continuing on with this Stephanie.