Saturday, January 22, 2011

love dare. day 14. love takes delight..

Day 14
Love takes delight

Enjoy life with the wife you love all the days of your fleeting life.-Ecclesiastes 9:9 hcbs

Today's dare

Purposefully neglect an activity you would normally do so you can spend quality time with your spouse. Do something he or she would love to do or a project they'd really like to work on. Just be together.

Questions for you:

  • What did you decide to give up?
  • What did you do together?
  • How did it go?
  • What new thing did you learn (or relearn) about your spouse?

Thanks for stopping by! I'm off to do something with my babe! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Connie Lou said...

Stephanie, this has been a great challenge, but I must confess I haven't followed very closely...very difficult when emerging from an abusive (Christian) relationship...but that doesn't matter, I am learning that I always have to look at the good, the positivem such as you are blogging about! Thank you!

Emom said...

This sounds, suspiciously like taking good care of one's self.....smiles.

The Whispering Creek House said...

Connie thanks for sharing! God bless your sweet heart!

Emom..i think your right..wink wink

Mary said...

okay, need to come back when I am not so tired to really read these better. I have had several busy days and I am pooped, but I wanted to say thank you for stopping by my daughters's blog.

grace and peace to you!

Dianna said...

Gotta type this quickly...and then head to bed.

Our normal evening routine, sad to say, normally consists of me crocheting and Carroll at the computer. So this evening, I asked him if he'd like to play a game. He wasn't overly excited (lol), but he said okay. I chose the card game, Dutch Blitz. If you have played it, you know already that it is hilarious ...especially in the beginning when I am trying to keep straight everything I'm supposed to do. We had a BLAST! I don't know when we both have laughed so much!

So to answer the questions...
I gave up my crocheting for a period of time.

We played Dutch Blitz and had a BLAST!

I relearned two things...the first is that he is so much fun when he gets tickled about something.

The second thing I relearned was that he ALWAYS sets me up. He preys on my "ego" and lets me get way ahead of him, points wise. Then when I'm all full of pride because I'm beating him good, he puts on the pressure and his hands fairly fly as he lays one card down after another! He does it EVERY TIME...and EVERY TIME, I fall for it! But it's fun any way!

Stephanie...thank you again for hosting this. I don't know when I've had so much fun as I had this evening.

The Whispering Creek House said...

wow! i love reading your comments! Glory to God!!