Saturday, January 15, 2011

love dare/ day 7/ love believes the best..

I have been so busy today that I almost forgot to post! Today was good. I know that stress is a real issue for me and it can throw me over the edge pretty fast. So just being conscience of it is helpful..I took a nap and feel back in the game! Are you ready for day 7? Day 7
(Love) believes all things, hopes all things.-1 Corinthians 13:7
Love chooses to believe the best about people. It gives them the benefit of the doubt. It refuses to fill in the unknowns with negative assumptions. And when our worst hopes are proven true, love makes every effort to deal with them and move forward. As much as possible, love focuses on the positive.
It's time to start thinking differently. It's time to let love lead your thoughts and your focus. Your spouse is a living, breathing, endless book to read. Dreams and hopes have yet to be realized. Talents and abilities may be discovered like hidden treasures. But the choice to explore them starts with a decision by you.
You must develop the habit of reining in your negative thoughts and focusing on the positive attributes of your mate. This is a crucial step as you learn to lead your heart to truly love spouse. It is a decision that you make weather they deserve it or not.
Today's Dare
For today's dare, get two sheets of paper. On the first one, spend a few minutes writing out positive things about your spouse. Then do the same with negative things on the second sheet. place both sheets in a secret place for another day. there is a different purpose and plan for each. At some point during the remainder of each day, pick a positive attribute from the first list and thank your spouse for having this characteristic.
Questions for you to answer:
  • Which list was easier to make?
  • What did this reveal about your thoughts?
  • What attribute did you thank your spouse for having?

This is a good dare! Blessings to each of you as you continue on in the love dare challenge! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

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Dianna said...

Day 6 brought a lot into focus for me...about just how often I react to things rather than taking them for what they are. I'm also learning that most of the time when I take something Carroll has said as negative, it really isn't said with that in mind is the way I have perceived it. SO Day 7 will help with that one!

The GOOD thing is that by focusing on Day 6's questions...especially about reacting and real motivations, along with margins
I am becoming more conscious and have caught myself before I overreacted...and the times that I have over reacted are normally for selfish motivations...ya I wasn't the one in control of a circumstance.

Thanks again, Stephanie, for making this effort of the doing the Love Dare here on your blog. It is just so encouraging and I look forward to this time of day!

Hugs to you.

Julie said...


Thanks again for posting. I am actually working on finishing up day 6 today...and moving on into Day 7. ~ ~Day seven sounds very intriguing! I am looking forward to how these lists will be used later. It is a Very good exercise today. I will be thinking hard ...
**I do know ONE area of margin I need to work on, clean out, and make will definitely have impact on my living relationship with my Hubby whether he is right here with me or far away in Iowa....more margin in time spent with Christ, the ONE who was at the altar with us when we took our vows. Time hemmed in and guarded carefully with HIM first, can only benefit my dear hubby who deserves the best wife he can get....How better to get uber-love and appreciation for Kurt than to meet and talk with Christ about him. Kurt is God's adopted son. God loves him deeply... I need to treat him the way GOD WANTS me to...not the way I feel or am motivated to on any given day... Hugs Stephanie...thank you again!

West Hill Heritage said...

Thanks so much for leading this ... I am really enjoying each day - although hard at times. It is really great. I have always wanted to do the love dare but just never make that step to start. Thanks so much - What a blessing

Lisa notes... said...

Day 6 made me think of how much time I spend on the computer. I've decided to rearrange some things so I can create more margin, which is something I wanted to do for myself anyway, but definitely something that Jeff will benefit from as well. Motivations--always something I have to keep checking over and over.

The Whispering Creek House said...


Out in the Fields said...

I didn't do so well yesterday! Seemed like everything he did made me irritable:( Definitely an area to work on.

The Whispering Creek House said...

its ok Karen..when we do new things sometimes we just have to practice practice til it comes keep going! no one is perfect here! love ya tons hugs to ya!