Thursday, September 17, 2009

Who's picking who?

Look at these apples! I cant believe it fall is really here! Apple crisp and pies and snacks for the kids lunches are what these beauties are gonna be made into!
I love that I can drive into the driveway and see such a beautiful sight as, life, creation

And they are all mine...Don't you love how SHE is carrying the heavy bucket with one flip flop and a furry boot obviously afraid of getting left behind she grabbed the first thing she saw! lol and look no shoes and no shirt..oh what can I say I love it!

looking in the bucket I gotta say..... this girl can carry alot for her little flip flop self.

And my little guy carrying the ladder? Well, he wasn't complaining but Carlin- the big guy with out the shirt- sure pulled a Huck Finn...


Anna said...

hehe! cute!

Tongue Trip said...

right from the blog title that you picked to your home and children, those apples and your writing, perfect. :)

Windy Ridge said...

LOVE the photos! real life....:)