Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ideas Needed Decorators Challenge!

Ok Decorators! I posted yesterday about this couch on a lonely wall..I got some great comments and decided to up the challenge a little.. This couch is a true chocolate brown with a tan undertone.

This is a rug that sits in front with gold, red, brown, green and tan colors..with a hint of robin blue...
And paisley side chairs with nail heads! The colors are red, brown ,black and spice colors ..I can't wait to see what you will do with this! I love the ideas for this space so what does this do to the challenge! Is this fun or what?


Mary said...

Ah, I think I would paint the walls a sage green. Add touches of the red and green, and the other colors in the rug and chairs.

Some heaver, darker wood pieces would look great too I think, especially with the nail heads on the chairs.

Do I see a wood floor under the rug?? If so, I would show more of the wood floors. The color wood looks great with the two chairs, at least in the picture.

And you know, I think I would change the lamp shade. A black shade would look fantastic.

Seeing those chairs, you could go with a kind of southwestern look if that is to your liking. Those chairs give me that kind of feel.

I would bring in some old wood pieces, maybe some silver or pewter.

A big heavy wood framed mirror on the wall, or leaning against the wall would look great!

Okay, just my ideas!! :)

Let it Shine said...

For free & for now you could put the frame horizontal, put the shelf on the inside and bottom of the frame (with candles) and the wreath inside and on the top.
Just an idea that doesn't cost anything.
Would be great to see some wall color and throw pillows too :)

Mary said...

Okay, you can tell I like decorating!! :)
I was just looking through the new Pottery Barn catalog. I know they are pricey, but look for inspiration. They have a lot of paisley, and the look similar to your chairs. Their colors would look nice with what you have. Lots of earthy colors and textures. Neat framed maps and oh I just love Pottery Barn!! Target does a good job of getting that look in a lot of their stuff I have noticed lately.

What is your style anyway????? Tell me, tell me! lol

The Whispering Creek House said...

Mary my style is a lot like pottery barn! LOL

Lissa said...

I want so badly to leave you with clever decorating advice but sadly I've come up empty because I think the wall above the couch looks cute!

Jen R. said...

How about a big gold aged mirror above the couch to bring in the warm tines and then some rust and tan pillows on the couch? a goldish tan lamp shade after spray painting the lamp base black... is that a good start? :)

Mary said...

You know I was just looking at your sidebar pictures of the office and mudroom. Seems to me like you have the decorating thing down perfectly.

southerninspiration said...

Hi thanks so much for stopping by my blog tonight! Nice to meet you; and I do love a challenge. First , I would love to see the rest of the room.....I might put the sofa in a different place.....and I need to know what else you have as a choice to put up there. If you have a large piece that you could put on that wall, that would be a perfect focal point. If not, I like the idea of putting a sofa table behind the sofa and adding some things on that like a lamp, a plant, and some dark things on the wall. I think I agree that a paint color would be good. Please show me more so I can make some suggestions! ;)


southerninspiration said...

meant to say also that I would add some color in pillows and a you have drapes in this room?


The Whispering Creek House said...

Lots of things are going on this comming week for this space and i can not hardly wait to show you! keep checking back fo rthe reveal!