Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barn Love- the reason we bought this place..

Look at this barn! Isn't it great? Old boards, unique roof, the old front door....love
This is the reason we bought this property...because we had visions..of harvest parties and bonfires, sleepover guests from outta town...reunions and BBQ's....

You wouldn't believe how much better this place looks now that it is getting some tender love and care..we have YEARS( Lord willing )to make this into what we dream it can be..but we have a great start! Danny has poured dyed concrete in here, built a stairs going up to the second level ( we had to climb a ladder to get up there! You should have seen me and our lovely realtor in high heels climbing that! I was impressed!) But you have to see it all inside and I'm gonna do just that in October..because we are gonna have our annual harvest party in there! I will try to post pictures of last year so ya can see! Danny just put in a bathroom with washer/ dryer, toilet and sink with hopes of trying his hand at a tile shower! YAY and a sauna cross my fingers! We will have a full functioning kitchen at some point and guest bedrooms upstairs in the loft.. a game area for the kids- See that door up above..we plan to put a balcony off that! Won't it look great? Right now its in idea stage and I will post as we go- you could be here for years as we renovate this place! ha ha! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya! Mean it! Stephanie


Emom said...

Love a barn....the wood speaks to you...promise. smiles.

Mary said...

Oh yeah!! Love old barns!!
Our old barn is too far gone to fix.
We would have to tear it down a begin again. We also have the old smokehouse and carriage house on our property. I want to make the smokehouse into a guestroom with a sitting area. That is out next project if funds are available.

Anonymous said...

Can one say.. Aracaphobia? 1990 this great film was made perfect movie to watch in the fall. Now Hubs would say this barn reminds him of the movie Jeeper Creepers. Yikes!

But all else aside, this is a great barn!


Out in the Fields said...

Lucky You! I dream of a chance to do something like that someday...but hubby informs me that he like things that look old, not things that are old:( so I don't think thats in my future.

LuLu said...

Can I come to the harvest party!! It is beyond charming! I would love to have that on my property! So happy for you,

Katy said...

Ooooh, I'm jealous! It looks like something out of a magazine. I can't wait to see what all yall do with it...and for the pics of the party to come!

The DIY Show Off said...

I can't wait for the harvest party!
We have a barn on our property too with the same dreams but plans are a long way off yet...still working on the farmhouse. I love your style - it's so similar to mine so I can't wait to see what you're up to! :)