Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Ideas needed!

I just thought I would do a little challenge for the decorators out there who need a deco-high( that means you love to decorate and get a rush from it!) This couch needs some lovin' and so does the wall..What would you do to this space? The couch is a lovely brown velvety micro-suede.. There is no paint on the wall but creamy white..the challenge is the wall above the is a slightly slanted little ditty..well what ya think ? Are you up for it? Come prove your stuff here! Leave a comment and I will get back to ya all with the best ideas!


*The Beautiful Life* said...

Does the brown of the couch have some taupe-y or even pinkish understones? It does on my monitor.... In light of that, I was thinking of a digon or Provence yellow on the walls with darker, richer-tone art or wall decor above the couch....

If the brown is a true brown (with no purplish tint) then what about a moody theme with charcoal walls, and a massive frame map or something above the couch -- something vintage-y like large ephemera of some kind...

Oh! Before I forget, the book you commented on, on Little Cottage's blog is not available in any stores -- only online or in just a few boutiques across the country... Sorry! No Barnes & Noble! :)

Can't wait to hear everyone else's thoughts on your room!


Mary said...

Oh fun!
What style do you lean towards??
I would definitely warm up the walls.
I would also pull the couch away from the wall if possible, with a couch height table behind it.
A patterned area rug would be nice
As well as a few patterned throw pillows
Maybe a throw on the couch too.
Looks like a big expanse of wall too - I would use a larger, darker piece behind the couch. Again I would like to know your style preference here too.
Wish I could see the whole room. :)

Shana said...

This is fun.
I see the couch having a purple tint, and I keep thinking of a dark grey wall..
Keepin in mind with my taste and culture,
an idea is to block print a paisley motif on one or two of the cushions, and use a bright
Pakistani/Indian throw in red and shiny tones..
A few silver accessories, books, a mirrored sidetable and some botanical prints or any funky wall hanging you like!
You may consider spray painting the birdcage if it doesnt 'pop', and putting in a few accessories there.
You could also paint the wall red instead if you like!
I painted my bedroom wall a hot red-pink, and it pulled my room's look together.