Monday, September 14, 2009

Vintage Gatherings and others..

So this is the next sale went to on the way back home..up above it a vintage pretty couldn't get this to photo to turn so there ya have it...This was the Vintage Gathering sale...Lots of vendors here with great things..
I thought this was too cute...

Isn't this display so nice? It is country,fall,harvest right?

Another table at the sale..I thought this display was so me..the colors and things were very nice!
Uncovered Ruby..another great vendor! I wish I could have remembered them all! I don't know how many booths there where... but it was a great time! I hope they do it again! Well done Vintage Gatherings!


Queen B. said...

love your blog :)

Emom said...

Great shots!

blushing rose said...

I'm in heaven! I love that car & barn ... great pics, super stuff ... TY for sharing.

Pop over to meet my friend & new blogger ~

TTFN ~ Marydon

WestSide Story said...

Have you tried going to the place by my parents on 176th? My mom went there last weekend and said it was really neat! They have cool unique vintage things for sale every once in awhile there! Lisa

Uncovered Ruby said...

Hi there...We'll be having an Outdoor Gala on Saturday Oct. 3 at Uncovered Ruby, with many of the same vendors that you saw at our Vintage Gathering, plus more new ones. It'll be a fun day, we've got lots of great things planned... Watch my blog for details.. That was my sweet little tiara you took a pic of, I loved it too, but I can't keep everything! Take care..Lisa :-)