Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Wedding with Culture

Yesterday, my friend Danica got married..It was wonderful! Way to hot of weather! But wonderful. Danny and I arrived at 12:30 . I'm pretty sure I sweated off ten pounds (o let it be so) by 1:00! We helped set up this beautiful wedding reception. There were many other helpers and I'm not kidding they worked long after Danny and I were done! God Bless them all! I can't even describe in words the sights and smells and colors of this wedding..Danica married into a Nigerian Family with much tradition and culture..It was hands down the most fun I have had at a wedding! The ladies here are the first to show and they were BEAUTIFUL..In traditional dress the ladies of this wedding left us in awe! Even Danica dressed in the traditional gown towards the end of reception as she and her new husband led the ladies in dancing to African music!

A view of the banquet table..don't you just love it! I wish I had more photo's but my camera died halfway through the reception! Ugh! This always happens to me!

Another view of table..The food was Amazing! The smells and the variety of Nigerian dishes and American dishes wow!

The bridal table before completed..Lovely pink, orange, green and yellow paired with chocolate brown which you know is my fave! The colors mixed with the food , music and dance were really all the senses could take! We did leave early but left with great memories! Congratulations to my friends Danica and Alphonse! May you always feel like newlyweds!


Sharla said...

you helped with the decor? It was so beautiful! you guys did an awesome job. I have a few pics I'll be putting up on my blog soon:)

Holly said...

Looks awesome:)