Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Life is like a bowl of cherries??

Well, I changed the word on my chalkboard..Yeah, this is a chalkboard made out of a old metal platter. I found it at a garage sale and thought why not? Bought some chalkboard paint..(I recommend painting it on rather than spraying it)..and a couple layers later and a day of drying time..I have a new chalkboard for menu's, bible verses, love notes to Danny and kids, etc...I had the word honor on there before and then I did my fridge project so hence a new word! I felt courage was needed today. Mostly, because when I look around at my house I wonder where my kids get the courage to leave their stuff laying around! And where I get the courage to stand and look around at it..in awe and in wonder.. Anyway, courage is what seems to be the order of the day for me! I need it some days don't you? lol I hope you enjoyed the chalkboard idea! I am working towards the finishing touches on my office. My sister- in -law Shelly is going to sew up some panels for under my desk (bless her heart and hands dear Lord)! My sewing machine is ill and I think besides the shades for my chandelier.. I will be sharing the reveal soon! Thanks for coming by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Amanda@Imperfectly Beautiful said...

So cute! I am a bit obsessed with chalkboard paint right now, so this is just my cup of tea...or bowl of cherries...whichever!

I cannot wait to see some pics of your barn party. That sounds awesome! I host a halloween party every year for about 40-50 family and friends and I LOVE it. what I don't love is that we all squeeze into my my little 1800 sqaure foot home! It's like sardines, but not as stinky!


jen said...

Now THAT is a fabulous idea!!!