Monday, August 3, 2009

Have a little Honor and Faith

This little project is so easy..I wanted to decorate my fridge in the mudroom because it looks so plain and I thought this would be a solution that would go along with the FAMILY theme I have going on..since this is the first thing we all see when we walk in the door..the word Honor and Faith came to mind because the simple words are filled with such meaning it should penetrate our being.. The new trend is using words throughout our homes and I really like this concept because it is like having reminders of how we should conduct ourselves even in our homes as examples for our kids and to each other..I know that after awhile we will see the word and it may be like a picture that we walk by every day and don't see anymore..but I know it will come to mind someday and remind us that this is an important part of who we are..Think of going to gram's house. I remember clearly the pictures on her walls that are still there to this day.. especially the one in her kitchen that said something about a clean house and company..I um may have block some of that one out.. but,how about you? Do you have a picture or plaque that you saw long ago that reminds you of something that stayed with you all these years? A reminder that you kept or blocked out!? lol I hope my kids and myself always see honor and faith and remember that this is our foundation..Our rock good times and in bad times..
So.. here I started with my burlap which I have loved secretly before it became the in thing to use our homes..

An old frame I found in some pictures I gave to my brother Danny for his first place..He out grew them I guess and I got lucky because I got my great frames back!!

A little magnet attached to the back..yes, it will hold it .. I will get back to ya after the kids have slammed the door a time or two..haha.

And here they are! I will post photos of full room needs a little polish before viewing! For such a little room, you know its the busiest room in the house! Shoes, backpacks, books etc. it's all here! Hope you get inspired to try this idea. It is quick and easy! I like that! Thanks for visiting! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Mary said...

Hi Stephanie, came over from Teri's blog. She said you are going to join the ranks of visual journalers!! Yea!! You will love doing them.

Love the name of your blog!!


Anonymous said...

That looks great. And easy too. These would make great gifts. Love it!

Heidi@TheCraftMonkey said...

wow! that is just plain awesomeness! I may have to try this for my fridge in the is hideously covered with random bits of life. wouldn't something like this be so much prettier! loving your blog, found you through TCB.