Monday, August 31, 2009

learning how to drive in the country...

Oh did we have so much fun with this! The siblings tractor race! Up above it the instructor Chet(also our host for this weekend thanks to you and your wife Carla!) he keeps track of the flags they hit and how well they stay on course..This is where the ladies sit...

and drive the tractor! I love it!!!

And here are the brothers laughing so hard at their brothers and sisters as they direct their spouses to drive blindfolded....that's before it was their turn!

And my wonderful in laws! Team Darold and Judy! I got all the grandkids to cheer them on..but maybe that wasn't a good thing they were off the course more than on! lol Dad even stopped the tractor and crossed his arms across his chest and refused to move at one point laughing the whole time! O was this fun!

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