Monday, August 31, 2009


After the tractor course..

The crowd as they watched the sibling tractor course..

Danny stirring the corn, I think they broke several "spoons" as they tried to keep it from burning...

My son Kendall and the girl on the right is cousin Jason's daughter! Jason and I were close cousins when we were kids and we both married into this great family! I thought about this picture and wondered where did the time go? I am so glad I caught this picture!

Kim and Kathy I had to capture this because this is how I have always saw you! Much love and thanks for your part in making this reunion happen God bless you! Our family had the best time reconnecting with family and are so grateful to Grandpa Chet and Grandma Vi for such a great heritage..they truly lived out there faith and it shows in this family..Most of all We thank God for His many blessings and for our heritage in Christ!

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