Monday, August 31, 2009

Jesus loves the little children

The kids were busy the whole time..each night I put the kids down to sleep they were so exhausted..the pictures of the kids really grab me here because this is the next generation..I wonder the things that they will face and pray for them that God will be at their center....
Their innocence and carefree beautiful....

As they learn to hold fragile eggs to take around the obstacle course I can't help but think- This is so how it is..Someone reaching out to teach us and guide us about Jesus and as we carefully take that teaching and carry it with us as we go through life and it's obstacles... we tend feel all alone... yet there His is with us as we reach the other side..

The beautiful vision of these things overwhelms my heart for the Love of Jesus..and His love for his children..

God bless this future generation as they journey through life and keep them close to you!

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