Monday, August 10, 2009

Flowers, Feathers and Pearls!

Well, here it is!The first of five shades..After burns and a few naughty things being said, I finished this one..None of these shades are going to match and that's just fine..I was not sure how I would construct these little beauties but that is were I get the most excited..Anything is possible. I may even go back and add or do who knows what to the first one, because as you know you get more confident and get more ideas..So here is where it began...
Silk flowers soaked in coffee to age the petals and leaves..About 10 minutes..
Gather supplies like feathers, buttons, lace, jute string, pearls whatever...

You can see here the silk flower's edges turned a little brown..Weird but I went with it..

Added a couple pearls (not real but fun all the same... And I have one shade DONE!

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Holly said...

Love these shades!