Saturday, August 22, 2009

I would like to order some energy please!!

I am still at the camp..had a great first day with the kids..They all did great projects which I will post later cuz I left my camera in the car and I am to tired to go grab it! lol My sister in law Shelly is a co-instructor with me so I am getting to spend some time with her which is very cool..and my son Kendall was in my first class and Carlin will be in today's class with Shelly's boy Aaron..I am hoping we are not embarrassing them to bad! Today, I am praying for energy as I am about zapped! I love spending time with the kids though and feel blessed to even be there with them...Gotta run thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it Stephanie

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Out in the Fields said...

Hope you survived the weekend! Still can't get on Hollys blog...can you let me know how? You can contact me on face book so its more private.