Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Graffiti t shirts are all the rage!

This is my boy Carlin (on the left) and his cousin Aaron (on the right) as they finished their t-shirts they made for this years youth camp!
Look at our class! These kids are so CREATIVE! And were so fun to work with!

Carlin workin hard on his t-shirt..He was getting mad at me because apparently I was hovering to much! I was not! I just was ya know looking and watching and making a comment or two and kinda helping him a little and encouraging and pointing things out and pattin' his shoulder here and there..hardly hovering people! Ehemmm..

Yahoo! Look at this! Oh I get so excited by paint and stencils!

A great day to be had! Thank You all who stopped in for a glimpse and for encouraging these great graffiti artists! P.S. Carlin you did good kid, ya did real good!


Out in the Fields said...

Hey how did you get your kids to agree to being on the internet? I asked my class and one girl said NO so I didn't dare to post their faces at all:)

This'n' That said...

Wow look at Carlin! he looks so old!

FlowerLady said...

A creative bunch for sure.


Sharla said...

what a cool idea everyones shirts look awesome!

Esther said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Your office looks great.
By the way, the cheap fabric for the sunlounge didn't really work after all. Nearly one year later, and it's all falling to bits from being out in the sun and rain. I guess I'll have to buy some good weatherproof material after all.

Anonymous said...

Great Job Steph you are FANTASTIC!! YM