Sunday, August 9, 2009

Avonlea Acres

This is Avonlea, where I volunteer as a Case Manager...This is a video we had made to share what it is we do exactly..The girls on here are amazing people with talent and beauty..This cause is dear to me and I am honored to be a part of such a ministry to young women.. Avonlea Acres is not a shelter it is a program geared to help young women who are single and homeless start over and begin new. We help them were they are and show grace and mercy to them...They come in broken and feeling useless, like the mistakes they have made in the past are the end of their dreams..That is just not ok..With tender love we teach them life skills, parenting skills, financial skills etc.. They are required to get an education, explore their talents and do a Bible Studies in house. I do great projects with them as part of helping meet the goals they set themselves. One of the first things they each do is define their goals by doing a vision board which is a collage' of magazine pictures that show a visual of what they want in their future..This sounds easy but can be very difficult because they feel worthless and don't think about a future for themselves..projects like this help them see" out loud "a possible future and make that future real and attainable.. by taking small steps.. they can move forward to a better life.. please visit the website to see more info.. Thanks love ya mean it! Stephanie

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Aunt Naomi said...

Wow... Steph... what a ministry that this place gives... You're the saint I always knew you were.. plus you're an angel to a lot of people, too! Thanks for Sharing this!