Friday, July 31, 2009

A hairband for a sick little girl..

What's this you might ask? Why, its a little girl who has a birthday party tomorrow and has been bitten by the bug..We don't know if it's the heat bug ,the flu bug or the sugar bug, but it's a bugger!So, in honor of her birthday, I made a little headband for her special day..Her mom Holly had the great stuff I just did the grunt
She doesn't think it's funny ehmm..She does look adorable though!

A little vintage applique' and alittle dab o' hot glue and ...

A headband for a pool princess! Tomorrow for her special birthday, which happens to be shared with big brother Shane, she will look beautiful and sparkly and will be wearing her Eden's bouquet's swimsuit ! Look at my sisters blog for more! http://


Sharla said...

lucky girl she will look so cute in that swimsuit! hopefully shes feeling better though:)

Twice Remembered said...

Aw, poor thing! But that headband is so sweet - and easy to make!

You asked about the button trade. A button is just a graphic link. You'll see in my side bar under "inspiration" a lot of square/rectangle graphics to various decorating blogs - those are buttons. So I have the "button trade" post so that fellow bloggers of home decorating/ crafting blogs could trade their buttons with me. I put their button links on my site, and they've put mine on theirs. It's just a way to help each other give our blogs a wider readership. I hope that kind of explains what it is that I'm doing...I can be very confusing in my explanations, hehe! I apologize in advance!

Restyled Home said...

Poor, little pet! I hope she felt better for her party today! I love the headband you made her. Hopefully it was enough to perk her up in time for the big event!!


Holly said...
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jen said...

Oh that is pretty!!