Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Well that's it folks!

Another graffiti class done! What a great time we all had and the kids are counting the days until camp next year! This class was a favorite for the kids and I had double the amount of kids! You wouldn't believe the creativity of this bunch! Amazing!
My son Kendall..this is his last year unless be becomes a camp counselor or helps in some other way..He really enjoys camp and I am a little sad for him..This is the T shirt he did..Cool hey?

The first class I had for the weekend..can you believe it? Wow! Great work people!

Look at this shirt! Each kid designed and executed their t-shirts..I love it! Well done Caitlin!
I love that each guy or gal had such unique ideas and it was fun listening to the kids yell out this is sooo sweet! or I love it! They were very gracious and encouraging to each other too.

Kendall with his best bud..Lason. These boys grew up together from newborns to this! I'm great friends with Lason's mom and if they get rowdy with me I pull out the best stories heheh..I love these guys and wish them well as they move on to new adventures!

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