Sunday, August 16, 2009

Coffee and Barns

This is my Favorite Coffee- A large white tastes like a roasted marshmallow over a campfire and with the heart on top it almost, almost makes me weepy! See, in the fall they do a leaf shape and I am in love with fall so I feel simply spoiled when I get one of these yummy treats! I rarely get this, so to me it is an experience of the is a work of art people!
This is the coffee shop I get my little tantalizing treat from. Off the Ridgefield exit on the I-5 freeway..

Today, a Sunday drive day..I am in search of almost broken down barns..I have a little project in mind and am looking for some pic's of some of the most beautiful thing about the country- old barns..You see Danny and I bought the place we live at for the barn that is on the is a historical barn of 25 years old and was built by a man from our it's really cool to us!
We really could see holding events in the barn and have done a annual Harvest Party every year..we did our first here last year..I will post photo's of that party in another post!

Don't you just love it? I did all my pics so far in black and white and i wish i would have done sepia instead oh well another day another drive..and maybe a yummy coffee to go! thanks for stopping by! love ya!mean it! Stephanie


Aunt Naomi said...

Personally, I think you should stop blogging.. yep... I can't take it... I SOOOO want to be out there driving around with you on a Sunday looking for old barns and drinking large white're makin' me crazy... Stop posting such fun stuff... ok? Hugs to all!

The Whispering Creek House said...

Your so much fun i wish you were here Auntie!come someday darn it! we can go antiquing and junkin!

FlowerLady said...

That coffee looks delicious, and how absolutely wonderful to be able to drive around the countryside looking for falling down barns. Aaaahhhh, the good life.


Out in the Fields said...

I think we are absolutely kindred spirits! I love old barns too and white mochas with art on inspire you Steph and can't wait to see what your "barn idea" is:)

The Whispering Creek House said...

It is so much fun coming to look at the comments left by all of you sweet ladies! thank you so much for your kind words