Thursday, August 27, 2009

Don't look at me wrong today..grr

I am feeling a little deranged this week...After the graffiti weekend I hit the ground running and haven't stopped! I got up early today to post this so all my new friends like you could know a little of whats been going on here and why I haven't posted anything hardly..between running camalee to volleyball tryouts and registering kids for school, buying clothes, shoes and school supplies, getting haircuts and running constantly to bathroom ( I didn't realize it but the morning bars I have been eating for quick exits were actually fiber bars..note to self: check the box next time idiot!) and trying to get quality time with my honey..I feel a little like the above ..I am so looking forward to next week when the kids go to school just so I can think straight and talk cohesively to others..We have a busy weekend with a family reunion and I am not sure when I will calm down for sure maybe by the second week of school? Anyway, thank you all for your comments! I love checking them and checking out your blogs! Well I'm off to volleyball practice and another day of running teens and errands..busy ..o my bed i miss you! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

p.s. camalee loaded this cute image up so i don't know where it comes from so if it's your's let me know and i will credit you..thanks

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Mary said...

What a great picture!!
Make sure you stay away from those bars during the family reunion - that is unless you need some time away from them all!! lol

I remember those running around days. My youngest is a senior and she drives!!! Life changes!