Wednesday, February 3, 2010

turning to love..

With February here.. my thoughts turn to takes patience and kindness..its not to be envious, jealous, boastful or vain and is not is not arrogant or rude and does not act does not insist on its own way because its not self seeking..its not touchy or resentful and does not keep track of wrongs done, it does not rejoice at injustice but rejoices when right and truth bears up under hopes and believes the best in every person, it is steadfast..and never fails..or ends..

Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Robyn{Lee} said...

Love it! : )

Gillespie Family said...

I Love it;) We all need love & to feel loved! I enjoy your blog

KolentynePoppy said...

I'm breathing now. Thanks to you.