Sunday, February 28, 2010

I am finding that tea is a new thing that I enjoy.. A hot steamy cup can really help with my stress and give me a breather....Trying to replace bad habits with new ones ..I am a little more adventurous and will try different kinds of tea but my favorite is hubby just brought home a carmel truffle tea the other night..tried it... but it seems very wrong to give a tea a name such as carmel that sound more like coffee..I gave it a whirl and have decided that it is a dessert tea..with no calories ..which if I am right is probably better for me..hehee. Ever wondered how to make a great cup? I have and I found these instructions..hope it helps you as it has me!

How To Prepare A Proper Pot of Tea
There are many versions of how to brew tea.
Here is the abbreviated Sims version:1. Boil a kettle of freshly drawn water. (My favorite kettles are electric—the Bodum Curl) which perfectly boil water to 212 degrees Fahrenheit and automatically turns off.
2. Pour some of the boiling hot water into your pot and cup— swirl it around and pour out through the top or spout, to warm them both up.
3. Measure the tea using 1 teaspoon per person plus one teaspoon for the pot. You may put the tea directly into the pot or use an infuser, which of course we prefer with our Chatsford teapots. (Small versus heaping teaspoons may depend on how large a leaf the tea is as well as your personal taste. I agree with Malachi Mccormick that the teaspoon for the pot may make the brew too strong.)
4. Add rapidly boiling water (less than boiling for green tea) to the pot. Cover the pot and steep for 2-5 minutes, depending on how strong you like it and what kind of tea it is. Set the digital timer. (The moment the boiling water touches the tea has been called "the agony of the leaves." During the infusion, two things occur—the flavor of the leaves comes out, and the tannin is released. A certain amount of tannin adds to the flavor, but too much makes the tea bitter.)
5. When the brewing time is up, remove the infuser and pour into cups using a strainer if necessary. If there is tea left in the teapot, cover with your tea cozy to keep it hot for the next cup. For serving a large group of people, you may keep pouring boiling water into the pot several times over the infused leaes.(After the first pot, your tea is decaffeinated). Then begin again with fresh leaves. (The used tea leaves are great to feed to your geraniums!) The key to good black tea is the boiling water. Enjoy!
Preventing Thermal Shock
Occasionally when brewing tea, especially in a new teapot, "thermal shock" can occur. This is when the teapot or cup cracks because it is heated up too quickly from cold to hot. This has never happened to me personally, but there is no way of knowing if it will happen. Some precautions to take to prevent this are:
1. Heat the teapot with very hot water, but not boiling water before brewing your tea with boiling water.
2. Insert a silver teaspoon in the teapot while pouring the boiling water into the pot. The spoon will absorb the heat before it gets to the teapot.

How To Repair Cracked China
When you find a crack in your china, you can mend it with milk. Immerse your cup or dish in a pan with milk to cover. Simmer gently for 45 minutes. Let cool and remove the cup or dish and wash and dry. The protein in the milk is what miraculously repairs the china.
Another helpful thing to do when purchasing antique teapots or cups is to ask the vendor if you can fill it with water before you purchase it. Sometimes you can discover fine cracks this way. this came from the professionals at the Tea Embassy
Hope you have a great relaxing Monday.. my dear friends! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Be Frugal With Me said...

I'm kinda in the same boat. I love coffee however I'm trying to drink more tea. Once the afternoon hits I want to switch over to tea. Every time I try that I just want coffee so much more lol.

I love chammomile tea as well. In fact my 4 year old LOVES that tea. No matter what kind of tea I make, he wants his very own chammomile lol.

Do you like iced tea? I love Starbucks Shaken Iced Tea...there black tea and passion tea (my favorite) are awesome!!

They use Tazo tea so I buy the Awake tea (which they use for their black) and the Passion tea so I can make my own.

I have to say passion tea is my favorite. What's weird about it is, it's one of the fewest teas (I've noticed) that tastes the same whether it's hot or cold.

Maybe I'll make a cup this've inspired me lol!!

Kolein said...

I LOVE tea. Drinking Chamomile right now, in fact. I have afternoon tea every day. Just a little something for me. Nothing big. Yet, I feel relief after the first sip. I notice the intense energy of the day's events slowly slip from my shoulders. It's medicinal.

Your tips are so useful. Milk? WOW! Thank you!

Love the Decor! said...

Do like tea but coffee is my addiction of choice
Great tips thanks so much for sharing.
have a blessed week