Friday, February 19, 2010

letting winter out...

Today, I'm letting it all hang out..the window, that is...its spring weather here and its a great day to throw open the windows and let winter out! It is a quite a feeling having the sun shining and it will feel even better having the fresh smell of spring flowing into our home..have you been doing spring cleaning or are you holding off? I love getting the windows cleaned and the porch swept off and getting it ready to use again..planting flowers and all that comes with spring...what are some of the things on your list for spring? Cant wait to hear from you! its so inspiring! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie

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glor said...

Oh how wonderful you have spring weather. We still have snow but the sun is shining. I'm starting to get ready for spring myself, need the light, pretty colors now. Have a wonderful, blessed day.

Kolein said...

Snow here. Gray. But hey, I say it's spring! Why not?

We just got back from the library and the lady behind me was wearing a BRIGHT PERIWINKLE coat! I turned around to smile at her because we were takin' WAY TOO long at the counter and...Wowza!! It was as if a freight train was heading my way! The color was so shocking that I commented on how bright and happy it was! Then walking out I realized that I'm in dire need of color!!!

OK, this is what I do:

I open all the windows
I pull out my spring clothes and at least look at them
I vacuum the walls and ceilings - something about that always makes me feel like the house has been overhauled
I buy bright colored flowers - lots of them!
I make salads for dinner with meats laid across the top - and have fruit type desserts
I play loud music and dance with my boys - something about the winter makes everything serious and quiet here most of the time
I start putting away all the winter paraphernalia - extra hats, gloves, boots, sleds etc. I usually have to dig them out again. I don't mind because I know Spring is on its way!

My comments are more like posts. Sorry! I get carried away!

~ RM said...

Oh, how nice... It's pretty cold here, but the sun is shining, and the curtains are wide open, I even have a window cracked such to get a feeling of that fresh air (even though it's cold!).
THis reminds me... I have to be shampoo-ing my carpets soon... :P

Donatella said...

just stopped by your blog its lovly... and yes I started some spring cleaning... looking very forward to spring!!

Anonymous said...

Fresh air.. yes! Come Sunday with the temps creeping into the 60's.. I'll fling the doors open here too.

Love the curtains Stephie poo!

with love,


Kathy said...

I CAN'T WAIT FOR SPRING! It's still cold here in Middle TN, but the sun has been shining for the last two days and all the snow is melted (except in some of the shady spots). I'll know Spring isn't far away when DH pulls out his John Boat and starts giving it a new coat of paint.

frugal farmhouse design said...

what a beautiful photograph - makes me anxious for the warmer weather. Nothing like fresh, crisp air and open windows. Have a great weekend, Lori