Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Maintaining eye contact..

Love Language: quality time.... where to find it: I don't know....oh! the hardest of all for me and my love is to find time to be together! Do you struggle with this too? I feel sometimes like I'm dating my husband long distance again! Which can actually be kinda fun..we usually get a couple minutes in the morning and then around mid morning he calls and we have "coffee" together over the phone and then he calls again in the afternoon to ask if I need anything from town( what a sweetie right?) this is our "quality" time.. I guess according to the Love Language book there are a few guidelines to time together...

Love language guidelines to quality time:
  • Maintain eye contact...this keeps our minds from wandering off yonder..
  • Don't listen to your spouse and do something at the same time..oh oops!
  • Listen for feelings.. this will clue you in to what your spouse is REALLY saying
  • Check out his bod...not like that! I mean his body language! A body speaks one way when the words say different!
  • Don't interrupt. it's rude.

ok..soooo, I could use a little practice in some areas.. this a good reminder to me.. did you find yourself here too? Needing a little practice? Don't be shy..I don't wanna be the only one! giggle..now I want to get down to ideas of HOW to get that quality time I dream of...So its your turn:

How do you get quality time together?

Can not wait to hear how you do this...and just remember..this is for fun not to burden anyone! We all need a gentle tap in these areas..no one is perfect...refining our love languages during this season can be a great time to focus again.....so love to you all! I gotta get busy maintaining eye contact! hehee

Thanks for stopping by love ya! mean it! Stephanie


Ann On and On... said...

(Raising the hand) I am guilty of many don't do's.... Not on purpose and I am always working on it. Sigh! BUT, my Mr. and I make sure to have Pizza Friday together. Pizza and a movie...it's nice. So...2010, we instant chat almost everyday.

Marydon Ford said...

I am still learning ... but try very hard.

Happy Valentine's
Have a beautiful week!
Hugs, Marydon

Teresa said...

My husband and I sort of work separate schedules, so we too struggle to find time together. His only day off is Mondays and I worked it out at my office to get off at lunch time on Mondays. So, we do "day dates" (as we call them) on Mondays whenever we can. Sometimes it's just running errands, but we opt to keep our daughter in day care all day Mondays so we can take this time for just us. I cherish those "day dates"!

cityfarmer said...

if you are apart ...this is hard ... the Don and I have every morning and every evening ...let's chat

love ya
mean it
we share champagne .. it helps ... hehe

Janean said...

we've always had a space with no TV where he and I went to have morning or evening coffee and visit.

KolentynePoppy said...

I need help with all of it. Otherwise, I'd be perfect. Ha!

Here's what EC and I do:

1. A few times a week we have date night in our house. Doesn't sound great? Wrong. It's fantastic! We put the boys to bed and plan on staying up late. I'm the ultra creative one so I have to be the one who sets it up and remembers it...you know? Sometimes we just sit and talk in our family room at the other end of the house away from the boys' rooms. We usually drink tea. Chamomile! We talk and talk and cuddle and talk some more about everything. We really love our kids and don't mind spending hours talking about them. I know this is usually on the list of "don'ts" but it works for us. I'll tell you a secret: I fall in love again with EC when we've carved out this little time together.

Also, in the morning very early we sit together at the kitchen table and have our coffee & breakfast. Not every morning...getting up at 5am is not always on the agenda, but when we do....man oh man it sure starts the day off right.

We are very demonstrative with each other. And sometimes it's the look or stare that closes the deal!!!!

Did I tell you how much I'm loving this series that you're doing????


Jeanneoli said...

Such great tips and reminders.

Anonymous said...

Good dispatch and this post helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you seeking your information.

Debbie said...

My husbands schedule is flexible. Sometimes he is off one day during the week, like for instance tomorrow he is off, we are going to a new little spanish resteraunt for lunch. I consider my husband my best friend...I try to always find time for him!~