Friday, February 12, 2010

Oh, you never looked so good!

Love language...acts of service..Now I don't know about you but when my husband does this love language..oooolalaaaa! He never looks better than when he washes windows for me, paints rooms for me, builds me something or goes to the dreaded Costco for me! All with a smile! and that is the key of acts of service...having a positive attitude when serving the one you love..I know this is Danny's love language and so I do my best....need practice about a good attitude because I don't always have a good one..mainly because I pick up all day after a 5 year old and teenagers and feel pretty used up (to keep up) a good attitude..but when I know there are specific things he likes.. I do those..he loves it when I lay out a towel for him or bring him a cup of coffee, make his dinner plate up and bring it to him .. it makes me happy too..just easy little things that are done in love.
Is this your love language? What is you favorite act of love you have done for you loved one? How about your favorite they have done for you?
Tomorrow is our last love language...physical touch..see you then! thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie


Ann On and On... said...

Of course big is fun, but little random acts of kindness always gets me. Coming home to the bed being made or the kitchen sink empty...a smile will always cross my face.

Sandy, Sisters of Season said...

Don't you just love it . . I love it when he does stuff for me . . all love!

Ann said...

My husband finishes work at lunchtime on a Friday and without fail I come after school to find a tidy house, laundry all done and supper started - a real act of love. I usually leave little love notes around the house and we both smile alot - just love him. It is his birthday today and I made him a special cake which you can see on my blog.
Have a good weekend.

KolentynePoppy said...

My husband never cleans the house. He never does the laundry. He never makes lunch for me. He sits in his chair all day long. HAHAHAHA!!!

However, that being said he makes soup. And mouth dripping chili. And soup. Did I mention, soup? So the kitchen looks like a bomb went off afterwards. Who cares? Well, I do when it's that peculiar time of the month, but as long as I can find a biscotti I'm ok afterwards. What does this have to do with anything?

Oh, love. Yeah! We got it here.

I have a small frame in the kitchen right next to his coffee maker (we have our own coffee makers) that I made for him and for me. It reads: You are the man of my dreams!

Some days when I'm making his lunch or walking through the kitchen carrying his laundry or the vacuum cleaner I look at that little frame and remember that truly he IS the man of my dreams!!!

I don't want this series to end. I feel kind of needy. But could you think up some thing else after this? No pressure!


Laurie at The Turner Farm said... how he does the little things. Really enjoying your blog.

Jen from Windy Ridge said...

Ain't nothin hotter than my man pushing a baby stroller...