Monday, January 11, 2010

inspire me..

Happy Monday! What are you doing today? Do you have a project your working on..or a day of errands? Maybe your just taking a day for yourself..I would love to hear from you! You inspire me when you tell me what you get done on a Monday..So whats up?
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cityfarmer said...

lap pool ...20 laps
first floor tornado ( whirlwind cleaning i.e. swiffer)
baked meatloaf, bread, and italian sausage
packed for my daughters ( gram duty for baby3)
friend Annie for lunch ( planning the Spring Stone Meadow Farm Sale)

isn't this enough for a Monday

Sandra said...

Walked 45 minutes, cleaned house, two loads of laundry, started taking 2009 files out of file cabinet and into tax storage box...start getting things organized for taxes. Sorry taxes are not very inspiring!

kathi hardin ~ traybella said...

monday is my laundry day...i know...yawn.
cleaning up the house...yawn
blogging... yay!
dreaming of life on a farm...sigh.
love your blog!

1 Funky Woman said...

Taking a break, because a bomb went off in every room over the weekend, and I am having a heck of a time getting one room in decent shape before the kids get home from school. We painted over the weekend so everything was neglected. I think a little chocolate and coffee will give me the kick start I need, unless you want to come over and help, lol.


the cinnamon post said...

I was supposed to blog today but alas the hubby worked from home and took up the computer! I painted my kitchen cabinets instead!

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Um, I did Wii fit for 45 minutes. Does that count as productive?

Anonymous said...

I like to either bake on Monday's unless it's colder out.. then Sunday works best. Monday to save for appointments, baking, some yard work and tidy up the house after the weekend.

hope it helps, with love

Oklahoma Granny said...

Errands and grocery shopping took up most of my day. Now I'm making lasagna for supper. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Amanda said...

Ugh... I am not getting much done! After coming home from work and making dinner (chicken parmesan), I pretty much staked my claim on the couch watching TV. :) Something about winter (and Mondays) just makes me lazy!

Sarah K said...

I am thinking about organization and how crucial it is to our homes and lives running smoothly. I can organize but can't keep it organized. This brought me back to a conversation you and I had several years ago and how encouraging you were to might not remember it but anyways...thanks :)