Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring in your mouth!!

Fresh basil is AMAZING!! It's like spring in your mouth! And since its snowing or raining somewhere today.. I think I will share my absolute favorite snack ....that I could live on..... if needed!! So here goes..
Fresh, grape tomatoes, cut in half..

Fresh basil...

Fresh mozzarella..

and cracked pepper Triscuits crackers..

So.... I take a cracker, layer a sliver of fresh mozzarella on top and gingerly add a beautiful piece of fresh basil across it and top off with a grape tomato sliced in half and take a deep breath people.... spring it here!!! At least for today.... Happy Monday!!
Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Dianna said...

Love the pictures...and the flavors!

Connie Lou said...

I agree, my favorite too! My grandkids, of course needing to prove their independence, created their own version, basil, tomatoes, moz cheese sprinkled with olive oil and basalmic vinegar, wrapped in a tortilla and heated until the cheese is just melting...

sawn61 said...

I have been growing basil for the last few years. Haven't used it that much YET. I may try it this summer. It comes back on it's own,from seeds,that are dropped around the mother plant. It is so nice finding it in my flower bed every year.I must dry some of it this time. I love reading and knowing about herbs,but rarely ever use them fresh,usually from the store in bottles.Isn't that strange.