Monday, November 15, 2010

I wonder..

Happy Monday! I am glad it is Monday... because on three days during each week, I get the terrifying experience of drivers education. I get to ride along with my son as he learns. I get to pray daily and kiss the ground when we make it there and everywhere we go. I wonder why I have to get in the car and not the instructor who is going to undo everything I am teaching him and scold me for bad habits I have picked up..I wonder why I get to be the one who grabs the door handle for dear life and quickly says.. good! yes! your doing good! very good! Just put your brake on a little sooner next time....I am having a time with the whole thing as I know freedom is exciting for him...but I am watching him grow into another chapter and it makes my heart twinge a bit...driving means such different things to each of us..he is moving forward and I'm trying to put on the brakes...slamming them sometimes and gently touching them at others..I'm learning as I go too..and did I get so blessed? I love it! Thanks for stopping by! love ya mean it! Stephanie
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Marydon said...

Oh, how I remember these moments ... almost as if this very moment your write is so realistic in time for me.

My son never drove a stick shift but bought one, & the next day was doing to drive 50 miles to work ... I stood in front of that window, prayed to God & Mary to carry him safely out of the driveway ... & to protect all on the road he would be near.

I probably lost 25# waiting for his call from work he made it safely in ...

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Have a lovely day ~
TTFN ~ Hugs, Marydon

Emom said...

Been there.....and now my son drives like my did that happen? ....smiles.

BECKY said...

Oh Steph...these milestones do mix up our emotions don't they!!?? Not to mention our nerves!! HA!!! Know just how you feel...done it with 3 girls...would have felt safer with a boy since it is almost second nature to them!!

Hope your week is going well, sweetie!

Love ya back!!

Dianna said...

What an insightful post, Stephanie. Both of our kids are fully grown, i.e. with children of their own and I still find myself at times being so able to identify with your..putting on the brakes, learning as we go. Pretty great description of life!

Connie Lou said...

Yep, I too, remember those times! Did you know that women are the best driving teachers? There is actual documentation supporting don't listen to anything anyone says, Mom is the best! Just pad the sole of your left shoe with some carpeting...ha! ha!

glor said...

I gave the reins to my husband with my boys, I was chicken. Of course, they now can drive me. This certainly is the start of the grown up boy. Enjoy.