Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I still say "gross me out the door"

I washed bedding today...for my boys..their room was starting to reek and the sour smell made me feel that it was time to venture their room..I'm not gonna lie..I went in there three look around..trying to talk myself into digging in..the first time to really check to see if it was indeed still a bedroom and not a rank end of a dirty garbage was indeed a bedroom..barley..I looked around and left..I went into my quiet living room and sat on the couch and bit my nail...could it be done? Maybe I should just make them do it...but who am I kidding? They live in there.. what the rip do they care? I sat for a minute and wandered over by the door and peeked in again..awww maaaaan! Pure, unadulterated, disgust came from my lips, I say! What is wrong with these boys? What are their wives gonna say about me? How am I gonna defend myself? Maybe they won't say anything..yeah... right. I know their gonna rat me out! I have got to sit down! Out I go... to the quiet couch, to dwell on my future as a mother in law....I'm a little more inspired I hate to think I will have to face daughter in laws with questions about my parenting skills and how I raise such well adjusted sons...hmmm..oh. sorry. I was daydreaming a bit at the end there..."Well, I better have a look" I say to myself and I walk with purpose this the door..what are you crazy? It looks like it needs caution tape and masks to enter..good thing I love them..I started by throwing myself under the sense putting off inevitably the worst part! yep...just like I thought... a million and one rolled up socks..all filthy and rank...well, that got me and I kept going only to realize, they have been sleeping on the mattress and not sheets..oh, isn't that nice? poor things...I rip off the blankets that are rolled up and tossed off the side and hanging haphazardly all over the "room" I use that term loosely here..for now...I spent the rest of the day going through art work, pellet guns and Lego's..and decided it was time to hit Walmart and get some cheep, cheep, fitted sheets..I don't use flat sheets on kids you can see they barley use blankets properly. New pillows, pillow cases and clean bedding.. I waited..holding my breath for them to arrive home..the youngest came in dumped his bag and went to his room........he came back and threw his little body into my arms and grabbed me by the shoulders like my grandpa use to do when he had something VERY important to tell me and said.."Mom, thank you sooooo much!" Oh, it was nothing..really. I just bopped in there and picked it up a bit..I look over to my other son. The fifteen year know, the one who I am letting risk my life for three days a week at drivers ed? Yeah, he said (not even looking at me)"Yeah, it's ok."...Excuse me!?!?! So, I took out the guilt stick and wrapped him along side the head with it.. I said "What?! I spent the whole day in that stinking mess! I had to take a shower when I got done in there! I had talks in my head with your wife all day and I'm exhausted! ( silence) "Mom, it looks good, I like it"..fine then. I think to myself. I'm a good mom. So, There.

thanks for stopping by! love ya! mean it! Stephanie


Uncovered Ruby said...

I loved reading this, you are too funny! I've got two boys also, so I can understand this to a T! You're a wonderful mom ;-) Lisa

Angela said...

You took me back a couple of decades...I also have 2 sons. The younger one, not so complaints from his wife. The oldest is an incurable slob. His wife shows me his closet and says, "Your son..." and I tell her horror stories from his days at home. We just end up shaking our heads. She knows I tried!!

Cindi@RustiqueArt said...

This was the perfect story to read with my coffee this morning! Loved every word and felt every emotion. Why oh why do our sons pull so hard on our heartstrings? I still have one 15yo DS and a 18yo DD still in the nest, and his room looks bad but his closet is just scary (Freddy Kruger scary) my husband teases that you would need a rope around your waist if you venture too far in.

Alas...I have too sons who are married and sweetie let me tell you that both of those precious girls have thanked me for raising such wonderful men. (hello!!!! they were slobs too)

So there is your ray of sunshine today!

Question: How many times did you walk by and look at that beautiful room once you had finished?

Terry M Scott (AKA Terry Mann) said...

Great story, I'm glad I raised girls. I do have a young grandson who is over every weekend though, sticks, rocks, you know.
Am enjoying your stories.

Polly said...

cutest post ever!

Ann On and On... said...

You make me smile.... great story! :D

Windy Ridge said...

I HEAR YA, SISTA!!! Love this post that I can relate to 100%.