Monday, December 7, 2009

Monday doings..

Happy Monday! What are you doing today? I love, love, love to hear what all of you do on the first day of the week..Won't you share with me? Thanks for stopping by! love ya! mean it! Stephanie


Teresa Tysinger said...

My Monday's are GREAT! I work full time at a church, but only come in for the mornings on Mondays for staff meeting. Then I head home to spend the day with my hubby, who is off work ONLY on Mondays. With our little girl in day care, it's the perfect time for us to reconnect. Today we're hoping to head to a town just south of here known for housing great potters. I'm looking for perfect gift for a friend who's retiring soon. Happy Monday, Stephanie!

SweetAnnee said...

Here's the fun I had.
I hung ribbon on my lamp posts.
Decorate my big pots by the
front door..Decorating my PINK
tree with Ornaments I recieved last

Last but not least, got an ALL GOOD
on my mammogram today. Great
news .

Love the picture you took..

and I LOVE your blog

beckaboots said...

I usually spend some time finishing up school work (1 semester left and I'll have my degree) and then I clean up the house so that it's nice and pretty when the husband (or as I like to call him, El Guapo) gets home. Then it's off to work!
Hope your Monday is lovely.

Anonymous said...

Yippie skippie doo... Stephiepoo..

it came.. it came!

Thank you so much as I plan on using this in the next few days. Love it!


Oklahoma Granny said...

Had an eye dr appt this morning. Then lunch with a dear friend. Ran by Hobby Lobby for a couple of things. Came home. Did a load of laundry. Put up a few more Christmas decorations. Made 2 batches of cookies for our Open House this weekend. Now I'm tweeking some photos from the banquet Fri night while reading my favorite blogs.