Thursday, December 10, 2009

It has been so cold! Winter is here....the fireplace is burning up wood my boys and husband cut...tea and coffee are the drinks we are enjoying..I'm bundled in blankets and wishing I didn't have anywhere else to be today...Home is where it is at...isn't it? I hope your enjoying your home today ..mine is as messy as can be but its home and it feels good! I cant seem to get any new project done though..oh well tomorrow is a new day..Thanks for stopping by love ya mean it! Stephanie



LuLu said...

Stay cozy!!! I'm off to clean some more :)

Mary said...

Days like these are good to enjoy.
I have been in my jammies all day.
Pulled my back out yesterday, so taking it easy, reading, naps, cups of good coffee. Need to light a fire, it's cold here too, no so darn it, but one can hope!! :)

Anonymous said...

Stephiepoo.. it sounded like the perfect day to play games and do puzzles, toast marshmallows and popcorn too! I love those days.

Anonymous said...

pk @ Room REmix
What a beautiful image. It's cold and snowy here too and what you're doing sounds perfect! :-)