Tuesday, December 22, 2009

baking away the day..

Well, today has been a busy day!! It was busy as I made the little cuties above (with Camalee's help) for my brother's and sister's families..
Dipped marshmallows for hot cocoa...with sprinkles, crushed candy cane,and more sprinkles we manage to get everyone a bag..

Camalee had so much fun making these..so easy...and we even made a couple with mini gingerbread men!

Each bag carried hot cocoa, dipped marshmallows, chocolate chip pumpkin bread, and candy canes..hope they like it!

Yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread..my neighbors are getting some too..Hope you are all enjoying this week..I am thinking on how blessed I am..there are many people without work and even homes and here I am able to bake, have a warm home, clothes and even a bed to sleep in..My prayers are for each of us this season...times have been tough as we have all had to adjust to the economy..and with fiances comes many other worries..but I marvel at how each day we are once again provided for..God has been good to me..to my family and I hope you all feel as blessed as I do today....Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie


WestSide Story said...

Thanks Stephanie for the cute little goodie bag!!! It was really sweet of your family to make it for us! Have a good Christmas! Love, Danny+ Lisa and Hudson♥

texasdaisey said...

Oh yummm! Those goodies look so good and those cute Christmas totes look good enough to eat! Great pics!

BECKY said...

Hi Steph! What a cute idea! Might have to try this next year!! Been busy baking and winding stuff up!! So much fun!!

Have a very Merry Christmas, sweetie!!
Love ya,

Lissa said...

I'm totally making those marshmallow things with the girls! How cute! You could even do valentines looking ones. How fun!
merry christmas!

Holly said...

Thanks for the treats:) the kids loved the marshmallows.

Out in the Fields said...

What a great idea, as always! Have a Happy Christmas!

Anna said...

How nice. That bread looks yummy!

Amanda said...

Your blog is really cute! Those dipped marshmallows look so fun - what a great idea. I've made pumpkin bread before, but never with chocolate chips. Looks delicious!