Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Unnoticed all around...

This post is a very unique one I think....It is a post about things around us we don't always notice...yet in and of themselves are striking and interesting...The picture above is a tree in our yard that we hope to build by in the future..it has this moss that hangs like curtains and the leaves are like it's jewelry..
Here is a most interesting story..the things attached to the leaves are really homes for wasp babies..the wasps lay an egg on the leaf and the leaf thinks it is a disease and grows a shell that actually homes the baby...compliments to my hubby who is learning about important things like this at school...

This mushroom was found at the Harvest party by our son Carlin..and it is the reason we went in search of all the other mushrooms you will see here...I couldn't believe the cool mushrooms and things right in our back yard!!!!

Look at this one..it has a reddish top and seems to have rings around all the way to the edges!

And a skeleton of a tree..I guess it looks so interesting Danny shot a picture of it!

The leaning tower mushroom.. lol ...I have been teasing Ella and asking if she found Tinkerbell yet...

Even more unusual mushrooms..have you looked around your back yard lately?

These would be perfect fairy houses right?

White with black tips..wow all this ..not really noticed unless your looking....How many other things go unnoticed??? thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie


Blue Creek Home said...

This is a great post. Your tree with all that moss is wonderful.
I have never seen one quite like it.
We have lots of mushrooms. It is amazing how fast they can appear!

Denise said...

Beautiful pictures, I love the mushrooms

Kathy said...

I am new to your blog and wanted to let you know that I have really been enjoying going through the old posts. Love the harvest party in the barn! And I love the pics of all the mushrooms. We've had a big variety of them on our place too, but this is the only one I got around to taking a picture of. http://anothercraftyidea.blogspot.com/2009/06/2009-chicken-coop-is-done.html. It dried up and went away and then came back later, but much bigger. Weird stuff! But cool!