Monday, November 23, 2009

Famliy protraits... have you done yours?

Yes. It's that time again.THE FAMILY CHRISTMAS PORTRAIT..oh..does my heart go pitter FEAR that is.. What is it about family photos being done that people seem to lose all reason soon as the camera comes out???
There is always one precious child who MUST reveal the side we like to call the"family secret"..

The reason it is called the "family secret" is because you will never see.. in public.. what moms will get that SPECIAL family photo...It's like... I don't even know who I's like Halloween finally came!'s like crazy became reality!'s like a bad nightmare and your still awake! know what I mean right? One of my precious children is gonna give in to an impulse and let INSANE loose on the whole group...does screaming, punching and proclaiming "I hate this"! from your kids.. sound familiar to you?? Are kids falling down, picking noses and looking fondly off yonder?

Well.. we are gonna get to do this AGAIN cuz we just didn't get it QUITE right..and you know's GOTTA be perfect...Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie
All images (except the last one) is from AOL goofy family photos...maybe I will add mine.. LOL


Out in the Fields said...

Steph, those are Hilarious! After we got ours done this year my hubby moaned for an hour about how bad he looked and then said we had to do the whole thing again!!! He was in some real danger there for a few minutes..."I WILL NOT redo this!" I screamed, "Ive been trying to get this together for months!!!!" He shut up pretty fast!

Melissa said...

Stephanie, I've been sitting here readying your blog for a couple of hours now and I just had to let you know that I don't know when I've enjoyed browsing a blog more. I just love you (mean it), and wish you were my neighbor. I will most definitely be back to follow along with every post. Thank you for the inspiration. Loved every minute of it.

Chrissy said...

Hello from Canada!! Got your note,all I can really tell you is the counter is made from antique pine boards...then stained and clear coated(alot)...but how John does what he does I am not sure!! Hope it helps,thanks for coming by! Chrissy

Chrissy said...

Lets see.....yes they hold up very well,no you don;t need to treat them,YES she loves them(so do I)...cost I am not sure my husband makes furniture for a living and has prices for everything.....last but not least .....wish I could help...hey I am the carpenters wife and there are still things I want.....lots of luck,keep me posted!!! All the best,Chrissy