Friday, November 27, 2009

Fall Clearance makes Christmas bright!

I can finally talk about Christmas without feeling like I am betraying Thanksgiving..The kids hauled down the decorations from the old barn today and we started dreaming of how to arrange with what we have this year..Alot of you are doing the same and it is really fun to do something different with what you have...Last year I did this project completely from the FALL clearance rack at JoAnne Fabrics...I found these floral arrangements on the rack for around a $1.00 each!
I wanted something like this....

And this....and by adding a little to this fall arrangement I saved money and that is very very good..

Why pay for branches full price when I can just take fall foliage and spray it with glitter? Yeah, I know...So with a coupon for 40% off I bought this can of glitter for under $5.00....(you know what I just thought of? Sometimes there are cans of glitter on the clearance rack from Halloween why not grab some of that up and use it? Note to that next year!)

Found some picks for .35 cents each!

Look at that! and the hydrangea is the perfect color for my living room!!! Yes! So they were glammed up to with a little spray gold ..

I sprayed this too- even though I didn't use it in this arrangement..

Found some flowers and glittered them!



And here they are!! All done and seriously inexpensive!! So the lesson here..Don't be afraid to find flowers off the fall clearance rack especially if you are doing a natural look..glitter on any kind of flower or leaf can make it "look" Christmas..and after the holidays go back and get the Christmas stuff on clearance for next year! Thanks for stopping by! Love ya mean it! Stephanie


Out in the Fields said...

Some truly clever ideas! And you know me... I love a bargain.

The DIY Show Off said...

SO clever! I want to do something more natural too. Thanks for the great tip! :)

I wanted to tell you thanks for your votes too! I'm so grateful!

Enjoy the weekend!