Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I just have to talk about it...

Oh I have got to say I have been holding my breath ...WAITING... I tell you!!!.... TRYING with all my might to get to Thanksgiving...but I cant take it anymore..I'm ready to talk about Christmas! There I said it!!.... I feel better... I think I even look better just saying it out loud! The wreath is an in between....don't ya think? Fall apples/ winter wreath...LOL thanks for stopping by and don't forget everyday this week my cousin Jen has a giveaway for boys and girls clothes! love it! Love you! Mean it! Stephanie

P.S. if Jen doesn't have her daily post up yet ..go look around and see what she has and check back later in morning she will probably have it up and ready to go.. she has a brand new pretty baby girl Hazel she is doing it all! And she does it very well!! I hope one of my followers wins! Good luck to you!!


Anonymous said...

Stephiepoo.. the link is up and works on Jen's blog. Great wreath there.. I'd use it from Sept till very late fall. But I must say.. that 'fall came down' yesterday and winter/christmas was being dug out. I'm planning on new themes and other googies here. So since my Tday was .. and only a mini 't' will be had.. why not get an early start here?



Kelly said...

I so agree with you, I've been thinking of Christmas since the day after Halloween but I've told myself I must wait til Thanksgiving is over. I can't wait til the day after thanksgiving to start decorating!

~ RM said...

oooh, I love that wreath! It IS the perfect go-between for Thanksgiving and Christmas decor! I warned my husband: this weekend, the tree WILL go up! How could I not give in to the temptations of decorating?? My only excuse is pointing out how short this year's holiday season will be. Can you believe? only 37 more days!
Can't wait to see more/ hear more about your Christmas stuff!

Ann said...

The wreath is so beautiful and I am sure with a tweak here and there you will be able to use it again for Christmas.
Just love getting ready for Christmas.
Thanks for sharing.

Danielle @ Transforming Home said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! I love yours - it is always nice finding such a creative and beautiful blog. Your home is lovely! I, too, will become a follower!!

Have a great weekend!